5 ways to be more productive

Let's face it, procrastination is like the plague. Once it hits, you can't get out of the YouTube cat video vortex and counting how many pin holes are in your wall. Being productive is one of the best feelings ever, especially when you've got a tonne of stuff to do. So, without further ado, here are five ways to make sure you're being as productive as you can be. Come at me dissertation!

1. Make a smaller list

Take a step back from your gigantic to-do list. Do you really need to do everything on this list today? If the answer is no, make a list for tomorrow with half of the stuff from today and then if you finish your list for today, great. You now get a head start on tomorrow's list! If the answer is yes, I need to do everything, break things down into points with tasks assigned to it. For example, if the main thing that you need to do is write an essay, break it down into research, sub-titles, writing it, proof-reading it and then referencing it. By making things more manageable like this, your list won't seem as overwhelming and you'll spend less time moaning about how much you have to do!

2. Eliminate decision making

Having a bad morning is a surefire way to having an unproductive day, right? If you've spilt your coffee, can't find anything to wear, lost your keys and then realised you're late, it's gonna be a bad day. But, if, the night before, you've made your lunch for the day, planned your outfit and decided what you want for breakfast, whether you're washing your hair or not and written your list for the next day, you've already nailed it.

3. Tackle the hardest tasks before lunch

Most people are more productive and work the hardest in the morning when they're at their freshest. If this is you, tackle that big thing that you're putting off first and you'll feel so much better about the rest of your to-do list. Plus, the easier tasks are now left for the afternoon when you're likely to feel more chilled and less inclined to be crazy productive.

4. Establish a routine

This goes with point 2. If you're set in your ways and know exactly what's coming after the next thing, you're less likely to get in a flap and start the day off in a bad way.

5. Don't get distracted

If you're checking your emails every two minutes and flipping from task to task it's going to take you so much longer to get something done than if you were working solidly on it. Every time you change task it takes time for your brain to readjust and re-concentrate so stick with it, turn off notifications and plug in to get things done!

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