5 tricks to feel confident about stepping into the gym

Out of all my uni friends, I was the only one not to be a member of the university gym – you know when all your friends have that cult shimmer eyeshadow palette you’ve just not managed to get your hands on yet? Yeah that’s what it felt like! So in my 3rd year I finally bought my very own membership, but as I was late to the game, stepping onto the gym floor for the first time was like being surrounded by a load of gym sharks – where did I even start?! Despite the anxiety, through 5 actually useful tricks I learnt how to confidently master each and every visit. So, here’s how you can boss every session:

1. Know that this isn’t the CIA – no one’s actually watching you

Despite the thoughts in my head that everyone was laughing at my mountain climbers, when I looked around the room no one looked like they gave a damn about what I was doing. Everyone was focused on their own workout and that makes sense right – cause it’s hard enough having to breathe and sprint yourself let alone watch someone else do it at the same time!

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2. Revolve your workout around one machine

Pick a machine and type its name followed by ‘workout’ into a search engine. You’ll find instant hits for gym routines that are all based around that one machine. This means that when you get into the gym you don’t need to worry about wandering round deciding which machine to use. Planning your workout like this will keep it simple, time-saving and stress-free.

3. Stretch and scan

Now we all know it’s good to stretch and loosen out those joints before a workout, but did you also know that you can get some major inspo from doing this too? You see, being new to a gym means finding your whereabouts and instead of investing energy into a self-tour – just from gazing around the room while you stretch, you can find out where the nearest water station is, if there’s someone hogging the machine you want, or just where you should be placing your hands when you use that new machine.

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4. Pilot new moves in your bedroom

Use your bedroom as your own research lab. It’s a safe space that you can practise new stretches, techniques or workout movements, without thinking that somebody’s watching you (although remember, they’re not actually watching you!).

5. Style black on black

One of my main stressors for working out is my sweating – what if I sweat all the way around my crotch?! Well, by trial and error I learnt that problem can swiftly be solved by donning a black vest top with some black gym leggings – this colour code hides your sweat and makes you feel sleek all at the same time – p.s when you learn to love sweat you’ll be squatting in all colours of the rainbow.

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