5 tips to boost your body confidence

Our friends at Lovehoney have helped us put together a crash course in body confidence, because here at UNiDAYS we understand that no one feels 100% confident with 100% of their body 100% of the time. We’re all about the good vibes so here are some tips to help you increase your body confidence because the truth is, it’s not your body that’s the problem, it’s the way you perceive it. You got this!

Lovehoney have also created a guide for incredible sex for students, which you can download for free on the UNiDAYS X Lovehoney store. The guide has some great tips on body confidence, as well as a variety of other topics.

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1. Pay less attention to social media

Let's face it. We are the generation that lives on social media whether we like it or not. From Instagram influencers to all the reality TV celebs with professional makeup, hair extensions, fillers, fake tan, personal trainers… the lot. No wonder it’s easy to feel like you’re never going to measure up.

But what everyone forgets is that social media isn’t real life. With Photoshop, strategic camera angles, Facetune and all the filters… people go to extreme lengths to get the perfect selfie for the 'gram.

2. Wear what makes you feel good

Forget dressing for anyone else. Focus on you. Because let’s be honest… you’re all that matters. Confident people dress for themselves first and foremost, regardless of fashion trends or anyone else's opinions. So find that outfit you feel amazing in and wear the hell out of it!

3. Focus on your health

Exercise and eating healthy isn’t just about getting the (non-existent) perfect body. It’s been proven that people who exercise regularly have a more positive self-image… and that’s what it’s all about! Low mood can be linked to what you’re eating and drinking so make sure you’re looking after your body. But don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself, it’s all about balance. So go out there and enjoy that pizza… just not every night!

4. Avoid negativity

Do you have some friends that are always putting you down? You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. If you’re around people that are always commenting on others appearance it’s going to have a negative effect on your mental health.

5. Reinforce the positives

Rather than focusing on what you don’t like, look at the parts of your body you do like, and embrace it! There’s always some positives you can focus on in every aspect of life.

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