5 study tips you need to know

Whether you’re writing an essay or revising for your final exams, university can be tough. Studying will be different for everyone but these tips will definitely help if you need a few hints for preparing yourself for exams or projects ahead!

1. Listen and ask

In your lectures and classes remember that no question is a stupid question, if you don’t understand something, the best thing is to ask your professor to explain things again to you. Also, make sure that you’re actually listening in class. Turn off your phone, get off Instagram and grab your notepad!

2. Share the knowledge

If you’ve got friends or housemates that study the same subject as you then it’s a great opportunity to learn together. Test each other with a quick quiz, make notes together and explain things out loud - this can be a really effective way of actually learning what you’re studying. Sharing knowledge can often be really beneficial because your friends will have other opinions on topics to share with you and vice versa.

3. Stay awake

Ok, this might seem like a stupid one, obviously you’ll be awake but will you really be alert? In order to get the most out of your studying being awake is up there with one of the most important things that needs to happen. Make sure you’re getting the best night’s sleep you can the night before an important lecture and keep your revision sessions short but regular to avoid getting bored.

4. Take it in

If you’ve been studying for over an hour, ask yourself have you actually learnt anything? If someone was to ask you what you’ve been looking at, would you be able to tell them? Make sure the answer is yes by reading over important papers and ensuring that you’re not just copying and referencing other sources. Making notes can be a great way to take things in and it’s also a chance to get creative!

5. Time for a break

With all studying should come having breaks. It’s so important for you to rest your brain and get some time out so make sure that you’re scheduling in short walks, snack breaks and you’re taking a proper lunch time. So, there you have it, make sure you’re following these five tips, working hard but not over-working yourself and you’ll rock those studies!

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