5 student loan myths

1. The £50,000 debt

Scary newspaper headlines saying you'll leave uni a trillion pounds in debt and then will never get out of it don't really help. They're truly just trying to scare you, it's not that bad. You'll have the debt, however much it is, but what really matters is how much you'll be paying back. You only start repaying your student loan once you can afford it and you're in a job with a salary that goes over a certain threshold. For more information on this check out studentloanrepayment.co.uk.

2. All universities now cost £9,000

Nope, the maximum that they can charge is £9,000 but you should check individual university websites for their specific fees. Even if £9,000 is the price there are always bursaries, some fee waivers and grants available to certain students.

3. Student loans ruin credit history

False, my friends. When you apply for credit cards and loans, the bank will look at your application form, previous bank dealings they have had with you i.e overdraft repayments and the information on your credit reference files where student loans are not included. The only way the bank will know if you have a student loan to repay is if they choose to ask on the application form but generally this is only for big things such as mortgages.

4. You'll pay it back forever

Now, this is a great one. You stop owing back your student loan when either you've cleared the debt or when 30 years have passed. But if you never get a job that means you go over the threshold we spoke about before, you won't repay anything anyway. Essentially, student loans are very easily managed by either small manageable amounts or you simply don't pay them back due to not earning enough. The latter is probably not the aim but at least it's a reassurance if you were worried about repayments.

5. I can't afford uni

Heading off to uni isn't a case of pay everything all at once or you can't go. Tuition fees are paid by the Student Loan Company and you can get a maintenance loan for living costs and to cover your rent. You can also apply for grants if you are from a low-income family. Plus, you don't repay anything until the April after you graduate and you can always get a part-time job to grab some extra pocket money.

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