5 reasons why you should volunteer

Whether you're looking to try something new or looking to give back to the community, volunteering is the perfect way to gain hands-on experience and really make a difference. Although sometimes challenging, volunteering is extremely rewarding and there are many opportunities available for you to get stuck in with. If you are unsure on how you would fit it in with your busy schedule, here are reasons to convince you on why you should consider finding the time to do some research and get involved in the many volunteering opportunities!

1. Learn and develop valuable skills

When you volunteer you are picking up skills that are extremely valuable for future career prospects. Volunteering can take you out of your comfort zone meaning that you are developing a range of useful skills, that will not only benefit the community but also will boost your personal development. It can also open new doors for your career path as you gain professional experience whilst testing out a new employment route, therefore expanding your interests and future possibilities. Even if you are not looking to advance your career prospects through volunteering, the experience itself will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to develop skills that can be reflected on and developed.

2. Make a difference in your local community

Volunteering requires you to put a lot of your time and effort into very meaningful causes. Whether it is volunteering in your local charity shop or working with bigger charities abroad, you are making a difference within the community and taking part in changing the world we live in by giving back. In some circumstances you may not be giving back necessarily to a community, but actually making a difference to individual lives which is extremely rewarding and most than certainly making a very important difference. You, therefore will not only be inspired by what you are doing but you may be inspiring others without even realising your impact.

3. Get inspired!

If you are a bit unsure on what you want to do after University, Volunteering is the perfect option to take. Most importantly you can explore many of your interests whilst getting inspired through the opportunity to be creative whilst bringing your hobbies to your professional life. You will also be giving back to a cause where your passion lies. Your actions, therefore are based on your goals and interests meaning that you are more than likely going to feel really passionate about the cause you are working with whilst gaining inspiration for your future decisions.

4. Make new friends and connections

Whether it is making new friends with other volunteers or meeting people who are benefitting from your actions, volunteering allows you to make real connections. It is the perfect way to socialise and feel valued within a team whilst positively impacting the community. You are also exposed to exploring and gaining a whole new perspective on different cultures, backgrounds and communities through meeting new people. Volunteering is the perfect way to get out there and be exposed to the world but in a very meaningful way whilst making a positive impact.

5. It's good for you!

Volunteering is not only good for society, but it also benefits you physically and mentally. The moods and emotions you feel when volunteering not only reduces stress but it makes you healthier and happier whilst also increasing your sense of purpose. It also helps you with building your own confidence by providing you with opportunities to take on different roles whilst developing your personal growth and increasing your self-esteem.

Volunteering therefore not only benefits the cause you are supporting but it also helps you develop yourself. There are countless options out there that provide you with the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into the community whilst experiencing and exploring different environments and situations. Volunteering not only exposes you to real-world experiences, but it also provides you with connections, self-accomplishment and most importantly a voice to make a change in the society we live in. So what are you waiting for? Get involved!

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