5 reasons we’re excited for Deadpool 2

1. Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin basically smashed it as Thanos and was the highlight of Infinity War for thousands of comic book fans around the world. 

While some of us still aren’t over the emotional trauma he caused and others refuse to forgive him for what he did, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. 

Brolin’s now going to be playing Cable who is a huge character in the comics, especially with regard to his team up series with Deadpool.

2. Peter


Deadpool continues to push the boundaries of being “meta”. In the trailer, we see an average guy called Peter accepted onto Deadpool’s team of superheroes despite the fact he has no superpowers - purely because he just turned up.

But what’s interesting is this: the ‘character’ has an actual Twitter where he’s been posting random things for ages. So it’s hard to tell if this is a real dude in a comic book movie or if this is a comic book dude in real life?!

Go check his account out and join his 87.4k other followers at @PeterW_1974

3. The budget is bigger

Deadpool 1 basically said straight up to audiences that they were subject to financial restraints when DP said the studio could only afford a few X-Men.

Fox was reluctant to take a risk on an R-rated anti-hero movie and so only allocated the film a modest $58m.

But after it’s phenomenal success- Deadpool 2’s budget is much bigger. The exact figure hasn’t been confirmed but it’s speculated to be around $150m.

So hopefully Ryan Reynolds and the team will be able to do everything they wanted to do in the first but they couldn’t - including introducing more characters like Cable and Domino.

4. The X-Force

In the comics, the X Force was a group of mutants led by Cable who took a more aggressive, savage and ruthless approach towards their enemies - which is what differentiates them from the X-Men. 
 Some of the members over the years in the comics have included Wolverine, Archangel and Psylocke. They even went as far as to design new suits to differentiate themselves further from the X-Men.

In Deadpool 2, DP seems to be looking to create and lead the X Force and we even get a shot of his grey X Force suit in the latest trailer.

5. The Humour

Just by watching the trailers you can tell Deadpool 2 isn’t going to pull any punches in terms of how far they’re willing to go, taking shots at DC and failed superhero sequels and even referring to Josh Brolin as Thanos at one point.

So for those who enjoyed Deadpool 1, it looks like you can expect more of the same in Deadpool 2 on the 16th May.

Check out the trailer for Deadpool 2 below and let us know why you’re looking forward to seeing the return of the merc with a mouth!

Hero source

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