5 awesome healthy food hacks

We figured we'd give you some easy life hacks and answers to those ever-niggling questions about common healthy foods that'll make you go 'Oh, so that's how!' and other useful phrases.

1. Avocado

These little guys are a welcome addition to our nachos, we know this much, but they've also got loads of other great uses are super healthy. They can be a great substitute to butter in baking as they're high in healthy fats, just use the same amount of pureed avocado as you would butter and you'll save about 80 calories, 9g of fat and 7g of saturated fat per tablespoon. Good, huh? Check out these healthy cookies for a little inspiration. Check if your avocado is ripe by taking out the stem and checking the colour. If it's light and slightly green then you're good to go. If it's dark, you've gone too far this time. ‌

2. Bananas

Bananas are great for boosting energy as they're full of sugary carbs (not the doughnut kind, the good for you kind) but what do you do when they go off so quickly? Try wrapping the top with cling-film and they'll apparently last 4-5 days longer in your fruit bowl. Gone too far already? Make protein banana loaf or mini-muffins with your over-ripe bananas to reduce food waste and you'll have a week's worth of healthy snacks in less than an hour. ‌

3. Eggs

Remember this handy guide when you're boiling eggs. 5 minutes is just right for dipping your toast in, or your sausages if you're feeling like boosting your protein and not carb-loading! 6 minutes is great for adding to salads and 7 minutes is awesome for chopping up and munching on as a quick snack. ‌

4. Cauliflower

Watching your carbs? Cauliflower is about to become your best friend. You can use it for pizza bases, to thicken soups (it makes them extra creamy!) and you can also make super yummy nuggets out of them. Check out these 14 amazing recipes and revel in the fact that cauliflower is truly magical. hacks-1

5. Meal Planning

Making sure that you have food prepared is one of the easiest way to keep on track with your healthy eating. This means that you won't get distracted at lunch time or end up going to the shops hungry as that's the worst thing for impulse buying! Invest in some serious food storage options. If you're a UK student, Paperchase always have fun lunch boxes, choose some that you like and your lunch instantly becomes more interesting!
Happy hacking! Head over to our Pinterest to find more healthy food ideas, fitness tips and more to keep you on the straight and narrow. But don't forget to have a treat or two once in a while, head over to site and see what boosted discounts are going on right now.

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