4 women who are empowering other women

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Because we all wish that everyone was as nice as the drunk girl in the bathroom on a night out. Here are some top gals who aren't afraid to speak out and stand up for what they believe in. Which we're totally here for. These women are bringing taboo subjects to the limelight and sparking conversations to inspire positive change. This women are using their platforms for the greater good, raising subjects we've often been too scared to talk about.

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1. Megan Barton-Hanson

Empowering women to champion self-love and fight the taboos around sex is what Megan does best. She’s given us all the confidence to talk openly about sex and encourage girls to make the right choices for them, regardless of what others say or think. And we love her for it. She's recently partnered with Ann Summers for their Pleasure Positivity Project to champion female sexual pleasure and self-love.

2. Jamela Jamil

Body positivity is this woman’s middle name and she eats trolls for breakfast. Jamela inspires not just women but everyone around her, telling us to kill our ‘inner bully’, ignore the trolls on social media and learn to love ourselves for who we are. We're also a fan of her I Weigh Instagram account where she advocates for inclusivity and stands against body shaming.

3. Lizzo

This woman is living proof that when you feel anxious and all you want to do is quit, you will come out the other side an absolute Goddess. Now, she’s strutting her stuff from Met Galas and red carpets, to owning the stage at major festivals. Yes Lizzo! The perfect reminder to never let anyone hold you back.

4. Jesy Nelson

What. A. Queen. Jesy recently opened up about the effects that trolls had on her life, bravely speaking up about her mental health and real life struggles. She’s impacted so many people’s lives in such a positive way from body positivity, female empowerment and now even more so regarding the importance of mental health.

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