3 ways to avoid arguments with housemates

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Let’s face it. Living with housemates, sadly, isn’t always the fun and games you thought it might be. Occasionally you’ll find yourself in the middle of an argument over something stupid like using someone’s milk, not taking the bin out, leaving the kitchen in a mess or fighting about who hasn’t paid their bills... You name it. The argument’s possible.

To make things that little bit easier for you, we’ve pulled together 3 top tips to help you avoid petty arguments with your housemates and allow you to always live your best life. Because that’s what uni’s about, right?

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1. Address the problem directly

Passive aggressive texts or notes are not cool. You’re better than that. Whatever’s driving you mad is nothing a good old fashioned face-to-face conversation can’t solve. Addressing the situation head on might seem a little scary, but it’ll be worth it. Plus, the housemate that’s been driving you mad will appreciate it a lot more than a snarky text. You’ve got this!

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2. Stay on track of managing your house bills

There’s always that one person who gets stuck having to be the designated ‘bills person’. They have to spend a bunch of time setting up the bills and getting everyone to pay their share each month. Save the squabbles over payments to another day with everything you need all in one app. Download acasa and get 3 or 6 months free Netflix. acasa will set up your bills for you, split the cost between housemates, and even nag anyone who doesn’t pay on time. You won’t pay any fees - only for what you use, and you’ll each be charged one monthly payment to cover all your house bills. Money matters made easy.

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3. Don’t bottle things up

Like most things in life… it’s better to let it out than keep things bottled up. Afterall, a problem shared is a problem halved. If your housemate is continuously using your milk, there’s no use crying over it. Address the matter before it carries on and nip it in the bud early. Remember to keep things positive and you’ll be on your way to an argument free household in no time.

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