13 things fitness girls say

We've all got that one friend that is all kinds of into the gym. She loves it, she won't shut up about it, she says all these things. Don't know who the fitness girl in your group of friends is? Don't think you have one? It's you.

1. "If I see one more person check-in at the gym on Facebook..."

As if she didn't do that when she started loving the gym. Hey everyone, look how fit I am!

2. "I wish I could wear gym kit all the time..."

It's just so comfy, right?

3. "I got a PB!"

That is a personal best to all you normal people, unfortunately not peanut butter.

4. "How many grams of carbs are in this?"

Gotta track those carbs..

5. "I need to hit my protein macros!"

Oh, and the protein.

6. "Flexible dieting is genius. I am a macros wizard right now"

I mean, look at her Flex Bowl skills. (This means fitting all your left over macronutrients, i.e carbs, fats and protein into one big crazy sundae at the end of the day. Dreamy.)

7. "Did you put the recipe in MyFitnessPal?"

Tracky McTrackerson!

8. "Slow down! I have DOMS!"


9. "Have you got Double-Unders yet?"

Yep, skipping but throwing yourself over the rope twice, yes twice (!!!) before you land back on the ground. Nuts.

10. "Why don't I look like Miranda Kerr/Alessandra Ambrosio/Candice Swanepoel yet?"

Feels. https://twitter.com/whatgymgirlssay/status/410608840141336576

11. "I have more gym kit than actual clothes!"

If your mate (or you!) spends more time in the workout section of American Apparel than in the cute skirt section, you know she's a fitness gal! But when this California Fleece Cropped Sweatshirt is as soft as it is, how can you blame her? Plus Fitness Pants are the most comfortable thing ever and Sports Bras never stab you like that pesky under-wiring can! uk-article3

12. "Metcons or Nanos?" But seriously.

The struggle is real. Classic Reebok or shiny new Nike. ‌

13. "Do I have to do cardio today?"

Yeah, you do! z7x_jG   All hail the fitness girl, she may be crazy but she's always down for a cheat meal and that girly catch up.  AA-perk25

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