0 effort fancy dress for freshers

With freshers (or refreshers if you’re in 2nd or 3rd year) coming up, you’ll know that the world of weirdly themed club nights are just around the corner. We’ve rounded up the EASIEST fancy dress outfits for your first weeks at uni.


The ultimate lazy fancy dress. Keep your school tie/shirt etc. and pair with some 3D glasses you've poked the lenses out of. If you’re feeling really adventurous add on some eyeliner freckles and you’re good to go.


For some reason, at some point in your uni life you will either attend or hear about a ‘toga party.’ This one is pretty simple. The first step is to find an underlayer that’ll cover anything you don’t want to expose if the second part of your outfit should come loose. Step two is to find a bedsheet or something similar and drape to your heart’s content.


There is one pre-requisite for this outfit. Checked shirt - check. Literally that is all you need to pull off this outfit. Bonus points if you have cowboy boots.

Literally any animal

If you have a single item of leopard print, zebra print or anything vaguely animal-y then you’re on the right tracks. Add on some dubious face paint and you’re done.


You’ve probably got loads festival clothes that you only dig out your wardrobe once a year, so now is the time to revive those pieces under the guise of dressing as a hippy. Any florals, tie-dye and retro sunglasses will work a treat.


For this all you’ll need is one item that is camo and you’ve nailed the theme. Add on some greasy-looking marks on your face and you’re good to go! Couldn’t get easier than this!

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