7 ways travel will de-stress you after exam period

Looking for something, anything, to get you through the endless days and nights of revision and exam stress? Well don’t worry we’ve got your back, because there’s no amount of stress that a spot of travelling can’t fix. Here’s how travel will de-stress you after exam period.

Getting away from it all

You’ll no doubt feel an automatic wave of relief wash over you when you put your pen down after that final exam. But sometimes what’s really needed for the brain to fully relax is some actual physical distance from your sources of stress. And what better way to do that than by jumping on a plane.

A change of pace

In the period leading up to exam time your brain will have no doubt been in overdrive, trying to cram in as much information as possible while simultaneously stressing that you don’t have enough time to learn it all. Travelling allows you to turn the dial right down and give those overworked brain cells a good rest.

Spending time outside

That’s right, you can finally get out of your PJs and go outside. Sunshine is a no-fail mood booster, but also spending time outdoors in the fresh air puts more oxygen into your blood which is guaranteed to give you more energy. So whether you enjoy chilling on the beach or climbing mountains, travel is the perfect enabler.


Travel inherently brings with it the ultimate feeling of freedom. Stay up late, sleep in if you want, there’s no schedule or routine needed while you are travelling. You can quite literally do what you want, when you want. There are no deadlines, no exam timetables and no expectations. Just you and an awesome new country to explore at your own leisure.

Switching off

It’s highly probable you’ve been staring at your laptop screen for hours on end, only to take a break aimlessly scroll through your Facebook feed on your phone. Taking a trip to a new and exciting destination gives you the perfect excuse to switch it all off. Well, except for when you need to #doitforthegram and post those epic travel pics to make your mates at home jealous.

Eating well

Between craving a huge bar of chocolate to get you through an afternoon cramming session and having zero time to do anything other than revise, revise, revise, exam period has likely not contained a solid 5 a day. But travelling to an awesome destination with lots of new and exotic foods to try will be sure to drag you out of that funk and get you your glow back.


Humans are naturally social beings and feeling connected to others is an important part of stress reduction. So even if you’re a die-hard solo traveller, you’ll know that travel opens up the opportunity to meet so many new and interesting people. Or if you fancy taking a trip with your mates, what better way to let off steam than by laughing it up with your best buds?

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