What adulthood feels like, after uni

With university being the best time of your life, you forget to remember life before uni and you definitely forget to think about life after. Many people also tend to forget about the fact that after uni is when you really become an “adult.”

Before university

Life’s good, your summers are fun, money’s a little low but who cares right? You don’t need money to go to the park or ride your bike. Winters are extra fun too, especially when it snows, fingers feel like they’re about to fall off because they’re so frozen from building snowmen - but, it’s fine because you’re young and you literally have no care (or commitment) in the world.


Life’s getting better, you’re older (wiser?)... you’ve moved out to another city, you’re receiving a cheeky little student loan at the beginning of every semester. Now you have money to go out and get wasted, buy nice outfits and shoes to get wasted in. You still do some of the same things you did before university but now you can upload it onto Instagram and show everyone how fun your life is. Life. Is. Gooood.

Post uni

Right, now this is where life gets a little tricky. Uni’s finished, the graduation buzz is over and now you’re stuck. Possibly jobless (unless you were clever and kept a part-time job during your time at uni), maybe a little broke because you no longer receive a student loan. If you were extra lucky you left uni having already secured a job within your field or got yourself onto a graduate scheme.

Weeks go by, you find yourself actively applying for multiple jobs per-day and not hearing anything back. You check your email inbox, junk mail and your inbox again and still - nothing.

Feeling slowly disheartened when it comes to applying for jobs? Thinking, what’s the point if companies aren’t going to bother replying…

It happens, we’ve all been there. It’s life.

Don’t let the lack of communication from companies and agencies put you off from applying for jobs, internships, graduate schemes and placements. Your dream job is out there waiting for you.

Don’t give up!

One day you’ll receive that unexpected phone call or email (so keep an eye on that junk mail) and it’ll be one of the most fulfilling phone calls you get. It’ll make you feel like all of your hard work has paid off, all the hours you spent perfecting your CV and sending it off to various employers, all paid off.

Be patient.

Welcome to adulthood.

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