Top 15 gifts for design types

Giving and receiving awesome gifts is one of the most fun parts of Christmas; especially the receiving. I love gifts that are beautiful, well designed and useful, as I know these are generally the ones that rock the most and get used to their fullest. Whether you’re treating yourself, your family, or your best friends, read on for a bunch of wicked ideas that don’t break the bank; not just for designers, but chosen by a designer!

1. Mind in order

Think of it as a way to tell your friends to keep their shit together with sweet stationery. As a designer I’m always doodling in a notebook; but they're a great gift for anybody who needs to keep their thoughts, life or uni work in order. The copper edged notebooks from Ohh Deer look cool, they’ll last an age and they also look kinda expensive (and they’re not!).

An image

Copper Pattern A5 Notebook

Dash A4 Quarterbound Notebook

Dash A4ish Sketch Notebook

Urban Outfitters X Ohh Deer Vintage Map Notebook

2. Life in order

Kudos on reusing; now it’s time to recycle. Get rid of those cheapo, slowly-dissolving-filling-your-body-with-plastic bottles and get yourself or a friend something longer lasting. Energy drinks, tea, coffee or something even stronger; it gets you up and keeps you going so let’s do it right. These awesome cups, coasters and bottles is something your friend will thank you for! Let’s not buy them booze; we’re classier than that.

An image

Holy Spirit Water Bottle

Pup Of Tea Mug

Anxietea Coaster

Fish Water Bottle

Nope Travel Mug

Sea Life Enamel Mug

3. Home in order

Gifts that make Martha Stewart proud (we hope!) Sometimes it’s the small things, the cute things and the simply dope things that make it all better. If your friends are staying in because they’re broke, or because it’s cold and dark, let’s just pretend we’ve got it all dialled in shall we? Throwback to summer with a comfycute (this is now a word) cushion! I personally can’t wait to Instagram that watermelon candle #blessed #besties.

An image

X-Ray Oven Glove

Watermelon Candle

Palm Cushion

Capri Recipe Box

Copper Plated Candle Holder

So there’s some really sweet gifts with a designers seal of approval. Just don’t tell your friends you got it at a discount. Your friends thinking you’re cheap AF isn’t a saving!

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