Tips for personalising your uni room

Not only is moving into halls to a flat full of strangers daunting enough, it’s often difficult to get used to a new room and call it home. Nothing’s worse than living in a tiny box with white walls and no personality! We’ve got some great ideas on how to personalise your new uni room to make it feel more like home:

1. Photos

Photo’s are a great icebreaker and conversation starter with new flatmates! They will also encourage you to keep in touch with home friends and remind you of nice memories. Although blue tack is often banned in halls, get some cute photo frames or peg polaroid’s to a string! Alternatively, masking tape doesn’t leave any marks so give that a go.

2. Bunting

Bunting is a must-have for any uni room. These can be bought cheaply online or if you’re feeling creative they’re super easy to make yourself! Why not suggest making some with your new flatmates for your communal area to spruce the place up a bit!

3. Lighting

Lighting is a good way of transforming your room into your own little sanctuary. Candles aren’t allowed in halls unfortunately but fairy lights are a great alternative. Iwoot have a good selection that can be put along your shelves or around your bed headboard.

4. Bedding

You’ll be spending a hell of a lot of time in your bed recovering from those freshers week hangovers so it might as well be comfortable! Invest in some cute bedding from Urban Outfitters and get a nice throw to finish. 

5. Cushions

Cushions add a real homely feel to any room. House of Fraser have a gorgeous selection that will make your room more comfortable as well as adding a bit of personality!

6. Gap Year Conversation Starters

If you’ve travelled over summer or have had a gap year before going to uni, take the bits you picked up along the way with you! Having rugs, cushions and pictures from around the world is a charming addition to your new room and a great conversation starter for people that stop by!

7. Plants

I wouldn't recommend going too overboard on the plant situation as you might attract unwanted insects, but cactus' on the perfect plant for students! They require minimal watering and care so you can literally forget about them.

8. Posters

Most universities have freshers events that have poster sales. It’s a good way of showing your personality and filling the blank space on your wall!

9. Rug

Carpets in halls aren’t usually the nicest so it’s often a good idea to buy a rug for your new room. Urban Outfitters have a lovely selection that will brighten up any room, we love this one for just £18!

10. Postcards

Along with photo’s, I’m obsessed with putting postcards on my wall from Paperchase. They come in such cute designs and are a perfect way to fill the blank spaces on your walls!

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