The ultimate Mother's Day gift guide

Just when you thought the stress of gift giving had come and gone with Christmas... Mother’s Day popped up in your iPhone calendar to prove you wrong.

Here’s a fail-safe Mother’s Day gift guide to take the pressure off a little.


Everybody loves fragrance, mums especially, and it’s likely to be something she wouldn’t ordinarily treat herself to – even better! Whether it’s a perfume, bath oil, or moisturiser, do some snooping beforehand to find out what kind of scents she goes for... and if your budget allows, choose a brand that gift wraps. Don't forget to use your UNiDAYS discount to save money on LookFantastic.

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A photo album

Reminiscing about times gone by is a mum’s favourite pass time so you can’t really go wrong with a photo album. It might take you a while to dig out all the old photos but you’re guaranteed to have some laughs along the way and she’ll definitely appreciate the sentiment. You could always get one digitally printed if you’re short on time too.

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A good read

A cookbook, autobiography or even just a nice coffee table book is always a welcome gift. Buy with her likes and interests in mind of course and remember to write a thoughtful message on the inside cover to remind her what a wonderful child you are whenever she reads it. You can use your Waterstones discount to bag 10% off with your UNiDAYS discount.

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A home-cooked dinner

Whether you moved out a few years ago or you’re still living at home... I think it’s fair to say that mum has made her fair share of dinners over the years. So why not return the favour this Mother’s Day? This is a particularly good option for anyone who’s on a budget - the ingredients for a simple but tasty pasta dish will cost you next to nothing but earn you major son/daughter points. Or if cooking isn't really your thing, what about something from Iceland... using your UNiDAYS discount. Winner!

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The safe option

If you know she’s fussy, save yourself the heartache and go for a voucher or some flowers. Choosing to buy it a voucher from a particular shop you know she loves will make it that bit more personal. Plus you’ll both have the satisfaction of knowing she’ll be getting something she genuinely wants.

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An experience

If yours is the mum who has everything, take her out and DO something. An afternoon tea, a spa treatment and a visit to the theatre are just a few of the many things you could do together. Don’t forget to take some photos for that album while you’re there too! Virgin Experience Days have a variety of different options available, so check them out and save some money!

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