Royal Ascot: The ultimate men’s style guide dos and don'ts

It’s that time of the year again, boys. Time to spread your tail feathers in anticipation of British fashion’s biggest event of the summer. The stakes are high, after all, you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with royalty, or even Kelly Brooks.

Fear not - UNiDAYS are here to help you find your inner gentleman.

DO be extra in a full morning suit

Walk the walk in a full morning suit, comprised of a classic top hat, tails and waistcoat. Although morning dress is only officially required in the Royal Enclosure, it's still a popular choice even in the public enclosures. What better way to do Ascot than in proper tradition?

Pair a black morning suit with a light grey waistcoat for a classic look with an elegant touch. Being classy doesn’t have to break the bank. With Moss Bros you can hire both 2-piece and 3-piece suits perfect for Royal Ascot.

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DO break the mould with a fashion-forward look

Despite Royal Ascot’s notoriously strict dress code (warranting a 35-page style guide), attendees are encouraged to explore new trends, with the jumpsuit being welcomed in 2017 as an acceptable item of clothing. Strict doesn’t need to mean boring.

Try a linen suit in mid-blue or even stone for a stylish summer look.

If you have tickets to the Village Enclosure, push the boat out with a loud, patterned jacket fitting for the funky, music-filled vibe.

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DO channel your inner English gentleman in tweed.

Pay tribute to classic English heritage in a tweed-inspired look. Who knows, you may even be mistaken for a royal.

Go for a classic look.

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Or mix it up with a contemporary take on a traditional style.

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DO wear socks

They’re compulsory for men as of 2017. And cover those ankles.

DON’T wear branded or promotional clothing.

It may be hard to leave your beloved brands at home, but seriously, it’s not allowed.

DON’T wear a bow tie or cravat, ties only.

Pair your suit with a colourful tie or pocket square for that added grandeur.

Visit Moss Bros for a breakdown of the dress code for different enclosures. Remember to use your UNiDAYS for an extra 20% off!

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