Q&A with the Coupon Queen

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Give us your top Freshers money-saving tip!

Plan Ahead! So many of us, and we can all admit it, just want to enjoy ourselves and meet new people. You need to think logically and ask yourself whether wasting money on alcohol and takeaways is really going to benefit you in the long run. Why not have a look on cash-back websites and see if you can even get a free takeaway.
How did you become the Coupon Queen? Have you always been frugal? I have certainly not always been frugal, when I turned 18 I was awful because I lived at home with my parents and worked a full-time job my wages would always burn a hole in my pocket. It wasn’t until I moved in with my ex-partner and he left me in £7k debt did I realise how much I needed to save and change my habits. From then on I worked really hard to clear the debt by 'Extreme Couponing' and changing my way of life and never paying full price again. This attracted media attention as my Facebook page was growing so quickly and the press soon named me the ‘Coupon Queen’ and the name stuck!  

Any top tips for eating healthily on a student budget?

Healthy coupons are somewhat unheard of, so always check cash back apps like (Checkoutsmart, Shopitize, Quidco) for any cash back as they normally have a wide variety of savings. 

What’s your best budget beauty tip?

We are all guilty of seeing flash MAC & NARS adverts and running straight to the shop, well I have found many products are actually very similar to high-street brands and cost a fraction of the price. Although they aren’t many make-up coupons that often, I tend to save up my Superdrug and Boots points for any big purchases or take advantage of speciality beauty boxes which are normally great value. If you are set on having designer make-up then always buy online from department stores with 10% off such as House of Fraser

What’s your advice for getting a job throughout uni, is it necessary?

I personally think getting a job is essential, not only does it add experience to your CV, it gives you the knowledge, people and money budgeting skills you will need once you leave uni. Having money is essential and you can’t just rely on your student loan to see you through the year. It also keeps you busy and can distract you from the daily grind of uni life.

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