Lauren's top 6 Manchester eats!

When living in a big city, it's important to see what the city has to offer, especially what the food is all about. Here are my top 6 destinations for the best food in Manchester!

1. Five Guys

 Lets start with Five Guys, it's my ultimate weakness, if you've never ventured to Five Guys, here are the rules; 1. You create your own burger. 2. Your drink is refillable. 3. Regular chips is enough for two. 4. All the burgers are double!  Article_Manchester_1

2. Cake Away

Being a student sometimes it's a struggle to go food shopping or even leave the house, but it doesn’t stop cravings. Cake Away is a company in Manchester that delivers any dessert to your door! This is their Kinder Bueno cheesecake.

3. Thyme Out

Hungover and hungry? Craving a breakfast but it's 3.30pm? Take a trip to Thyme Out in Didsbury where you can have any breakfast you can think of until 4pm accompanied with a shake! Article_Manchester_2

4. The Font

The Font is a bar near to the universities where cocktails are £2 – all day! The food is great too, and who can argue with a £2 cocktail?

5. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen in the Trafford Centre is another favourite destination of mine to get a burger, they also offer awesome milkshakes, I recommend the peanut butter one – it's to die for! ‌

6. Miller & Carter

Last, but certainly not least I thought I’d mention Miller and Carter. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better steak! It is a bit pricey on a student budget but it is worth a try if you ever fancy splashing the cash or your parents are visiting for a special occasion. 

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