Key trends from the runway

From luxury sportswear to a unique twist on sophisticated evening attire, various designers came under one roof at the London Fashion Week Insiders Festival to showcase their latest collections on the runway. While the glitz and glamour from LFW may have come to an end, the similarly bold trends echoing across the designers have left an undeniable influence on how our wardrobes should be arranged for this season! Here is an overview of a key trend from the runway that you’ll want to consider adding to your style:

Bright colours

Despite the different range of outfits presented over the weekend, the catwalk was indulged with bold, often luminous colours, making those already statement outfits even more spectacular.

Fyodor Golan prides itself as a brand who uses vivid colour as a means to revamp sportswear, with a focused idea of self-expression in mind. Colours, notably bright red, are, therefore, used variably in their collection, ranging from being the sole, primary colour of a whole tracksuit to being part of a striped patterned dress or tracksuit top or bottom, to the shoes.

Marta Jakubowski, on the other hand, takes a creative flair on the noughties going-out attire. Bright blues, greens, reds and pinks were used on various trouser suit designs and long puffer vests and dresses hanging over a dark coloured dress.

From a nostalgic perspective, the style that particularly stood out to me from the Marta Jakubowski collection was the revival of the popular late ‘90s to noughties ‘Skirt Over Trousers’ trend. However, unlike our traditional memory of layering a flowy skirt over jeans; Jakubowski designs the skirt component of the outfit with the same bold colour as the trousers, fully attaching the skirt to the trousers from the front. The flowing of the skirt is, consequently, subtly visible from the back, creating a fun yet chic look.

Osman also did not forget to incorporate bold colours in some of their designs as part of their vision to accentuate the women’s body with timeless, colourful outfits.

If there is one lesson to be learnt from watching Fyodor Golan’s, Marta Jakubowski’s and Osman’s collections on the catwalk this weekend, is to embody a brazen outlook in organising your wardrobe and dare to compliment dark, neutral colours of your outfit with bolder, brighter colours!

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