How to get the Peaky Blinders look

Peaky Blinders hit our screens back in 2013 and it’d be fair to say the show has had an influence on menswear ever since. The clothes worn by the infamous gang are just as sharp as the characters. So I’m here to show you how to channel your inner Tommy Shelby.

The Peaky Blinders style is made up of a number of traditional, workwear style items all topped off with the classic baker boy cap. I’ve picked out 5 items that will give Arthur and John a run for their money.

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The cap

The baker boy cap is synonymous with the Peaky Blinders. Even before their time it was often worn by the working class as part of their uniforms. The cap has remained timeless and looks great with any outfit but particularly sharp with the full look. This navy cap with a woven finish keeps it versatile and smart in equal measure. Grab yours now with your ASOS discount!

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The suit

A well fitted grey suit is key to the Peaky look. Tommy Shelby would often get his suits made in London by an expert tailor and sent to him back in Birmingham. If you’re wanting to go the whole hog, I recommend getting the trousers taken up for a more cropped silhouette. This tailored suit from Moss Bros. is perfect for the look with a great timeless design. Step into a tailored fit jacket and enjoy instant refinement – tapered trousers and a slim fit shirt complete the classic Peaky Blinders look.

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The shirt

In the age of the Peaky Blinders the collars on shirts would have been detachable and buttoned onto the shirts. Luckily for us, we don’t have to mess with that anymore. Getting a quality, sharp looking shirt is now more affordable than ever. By going for this light blue colour, you add a bit of interest to your look whilst still looking formal.

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The overcoat

It was pretty cold in Birmingham during the early 1900’s... and no day at the races would be complete without a traditional overcoat. A long, heavy weight coat adds some real drama to an outfit, and a complete boss look. Keep it dark, keep it simple and let the coat speak for itself. This coat definitely makes the outerwear do the talking. The tailored coat sits snug over a suit so you can channel urban sophistication all year round.

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The boots

Fans of the show will know life as a Peaky Blinder can get a little bit messy. A good solid pair of boots will not only look good but also last during the hard times too. The cropped trousers will show off the upper portion of the boot. So lace them up properly and they’ll add the perfect finishing touch to your Peaky wardrobe.

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You can wear all of the items above for the perfect Peaky Blinders look... or mix and match items into your existing wardrobe for a casual nod to the gang. So go and get yourself some discount and get the look today by order of the Peaky Blinders!

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