How to get ready in 30 mins

Need your beauty sleep in the morning? Here are five ways to speed things up in the morning and make sure you're still out of the door in time!

1. Outfit plan

Jumping out of bed straight into an outfit that is laid out or hung on the back of your door already ironed and fresh might seem like some sort of distant Cinderella style dream but it can happen! All you need to do is take 5-10 minutes the night before to check the weather, see what you're up to the next day and pick an outfit out. Girls, a cosy knit with your favourite jeans and boots and a leather jacket is perfect for this time of year and PrettyLittleThing have some stunning pieces in their new knitwear collection. Jumpers-2 Yazmine Grey Chunky Knit Wrap Cardigan  Alissa Khaki Lace Up Back Knit Jumpers-1 Alianie Khaki Batwing Curve Hem Jumper  Jodeanne Grey Cable Knit Turtleneck

2. Help yourself out

Do you spend 10 minutes blow drying your hair in the morning? Wash it the night before and in the morning you'll just need a spritz of dry shampoo and then you can crack on with your usual styling. Spend 20 minutes doing your makeup? Assess the situation! Do you: A) need to wear that much makeup to uni? B) Is there a quicker way of doing it? or C) Can you do some of it on the way i.e on the bus or the tram?

3. Pack your bag

Get together everything that you'll need for the next day, your folders, your laptop, snacks, keys, everything! Pack your bag the night before and you can just grab and go the next morning. Radley have some super cute and amazing quality backpacks and handbags that are 100% ready to tackle the new uni term! ‌

4. Know Where Things Are

How much time do you spend looking for things that you think you've lost in the morning? This is at least 10 minutes of wasted time. Keep everything that you're going to need in relevant places. Your hair stuff next to the mirror for example - it's a no brainer!

5. Eat Quick (Or Later!)

Taking 20 minutes in the morning to whip up a tasty breakfast is amazing for your nutrition but could there be a quicker way of doing things. Try having a shake and taking it with you if you're really in a hurry or could you eat when you get to uni? Having a coffee and a slice of this Maxinutrition banana bread in a lecture isn't going to hurt! How delicious does this look? ‌

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