From spiedini to sundaes: Zizzi have your cravings covered!

When it comes to excuses for eating out, here in the Social Team, we're the first ones to make them. It's a Wednesday? Must mean we can go out for dinner. We hit 40k Insta followers? Pizza. It's our girl Hollie's 18th birthday? Definitely time to hit up Zizzi for some grub!

We headed down to our fave Italian joint to trial some of their amazing fresh menu options as they've literally just, as of last week, introduced some brand spanking new dishes. Naturally, we had to check them out and tell you guys all about it.

Get started

We kicked off our feast by trying all of the new options that have hit the starter section of the menu. First up, the large Fritto Misto sharing board which is packed full of 'calamari, plaice goujons (basically the fanciest and tastiest fish fingers you'll ever eat!), prawn zucchini bites & summer vegetables, all lightly battered, served with chopped red chillies, parsley & a lemon & rosemary aioli'. Basically, if you love seafood, this is an absolute dream of a sharing board. Everything is super fresh tasting and I can really see this being the perfect accompaniment for summer drinks in the sunshine.

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We also grabbed the Melted Mozzarella & Pepper Crochettes from the specials menu which are a dellight of 'crispy breadcrumb-coated crocchette filled with fire-Roasted peppers, red pesto & melted mozzarella. Served with creamy red pesto to dip', these were super tasty but you only get two big ones per dish. We were saying how it would have been better to maybe have 4 smaller ones so you didn't have to squish them up when trying to share!

Finally, we indulged in the amazing Antipasti sharing board which you guys absolutely loved on Instagram. Meats and cheese are probably my favourite food groups so this was the perfect dish for me. The mozzarella was so fresh, the tasty bread rolls were the perfect balance of crusty and soft and don't get me started on the delicious ham. #meatsweats

The main event

Now, I'm a big fan of Zizzi and last time we went I had the amazing Chicken & Proscuitto salad which comes with tasty croutons, avocado and a creamy dressing. For under 400 calories this badboy is so, so tasty! We went in on the starters and I knew that I wanted to have dessert so I opted for a lighter option and it's so delicious it doesn't even feel like you're eating a healthy option.

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Our girl Maddy, probably UNiDAYS' biggest pizza fan tried out Zizzi's new vegetarian pizza offering, the Capia Classic Pizza which is a tasty mix of smoky pepper pesto & tomato base with Fior di Latte & smoked mozzarella, fire-roasted peppers, sunblush tomatoes, black olives, pea shoots, riserva cheese & smoked garlic oil. Basically, Maddy loves olives and she was in her element with this tasty creation.

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Our US Marketing Executive Lydia had her favourite Spiedini Pescatore which is a hanging skewer (it looks so impressive when it comes out of the kitchen!) packed full of juicy king prawns, salmon, peppers & courgettes with a white wine & lemon sauce. Check it out on Instagram below!

Zizzi have also introduced some other delicious sounding dishes such as the Lamb Verdura Spiedini which sounds like Mediterranean heaven. It's a hanging skewer of tender lamb rump & roasted veg served with a green goddess salad mix, tomato pesto crostini & creamy red pesto dip. Hello, dreamy! They also have a brand new pizza, the Proscuitto Fresca and an amazing sounding langoustine & ricotta ravioli but we simply didn't have enough bellies to try them all!

Chocolate vs berries

I know, I know, I can already hear you screaming "chocolate, obviously!" but you have not lived until you've tried the Summer Berry Sundae from Zizzi. I'm talking the freshest and tangiest strawberry sorbet, honey, sea salt & mascarpone gelato (the dream), whipped mascarpone cream, fresh raspberries, basil, strawberry powder & a pink raspberry snap. It's Heston Blumenthal level of insane cookery witchcraft and I could eat one every single day. Bravo, Zizzi!

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Zizzi's new Sticky Chocolate & Praline Torte is a dairy-free chocolate torte with a date, hazelnut & walnut base and is served with (an incredible) coconut & chocolate ripple gelato. This rich bad boy is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and tastes like Heaven. So, if you have any of these dietary requirements and you love dessert, get yourself down to Zizzi!

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We also tried the incredible Ultimate Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie which is topped with white chocolate shavings but the girls had already dived in before I could whip the camera out!

Fancy chowing down on this amazing food too? Don't forget that you can grab 30% off Zizzi on Mondays and Tuesdays and then 25% on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays! Plus, Zizzi have an awesome range of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and under 600 calorie meals so there is literally something for everyone. They even do Skinny Prosecco - I'm sold!

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