Empowering the world through social media- One step at a time

Diving into the digital realm of content creation, we often get lost in the unpredictable world of meme’s and comedy skits, but amongst those we also see a spike in content creation, from images to videos- the world is overwhelming with content right now. Self-isolation bringing about creativity and change through our digital screens.

So, question remains- how can we change the world during this isolation period? Well there’s no right or wrong answer here. First and foremost It’s following guidelines set out by our governments and staying home. Next, it’s about utilising the time and space we all now have, to the best of our abilities.

Here’s a few simple ways, of empowering the world through social media:

1. Stay connected

Let your voices be heard, make connections during this time and allow the social realm to be a space for you to speak on the good and the bad during this time. Staying connected empowers and grants knowledge beyond what we may know. Be the voice for the voiceless in these moments, speak on mental health, bring more awareness to domestic violence and be on the lookout for our NHS heroes.

2. Be creative

From beautiful images, to divine poetry- social media does not disappoint. Here are a few cool accounts that will inspire you to get out your camera, canvas or even notebook and create something special for the world to see.

3. Be aware

It’s good to stay updated with daily news and articles, but also be aware of what may be true or false. With constant news updates escalating through almost every social media platform, it’s hard to know what’s real or fake, so stick to legitimate outlets when seeking out for advice or sources. Don’t get too lost in the world of information and be sure to fact check before passing information around.

4. Be you

The most empowering thing you can do, is be yourself. These social platforms often have a way and means of taking over our lives- but let’s put a positive spin on things and try to reclaim it as our own. Be yourself, whatever that may be. Take this time to find yourself and what you love to do, whether that is blogging, image/video creating or even just browsing- do it your way and do it beautifully. Flourish how you want and empower yourself first.

This period of self-isolation is one that is challenging for many. Closing doors can either can be good for some and bad for others. However, UNiDAYS are here with you no matter what, bringing you updates, articles and support to keep you going during this quarantine season.

We hope this article brings some source of inspiration, empowerment and motivation during this time. Let’s use the world of social media and make positive changes.

One step at a time, we can make a change- echoing through the digital and onto the real world.

Happy Quarantining and be sure to stay active with the mind, body and soul!

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