Drinking games freshers should know

Freshers week is approaching and it’s time to brush up on your drinking game knowledge! You’re sure to be playing these all week but please remember to drink responsibly. Here are 5 of our favourites:

1. Ring Of Fire

Also known as King’s Cup, it is the ultimate uni drinking games and one that you will come across throughout your time at uni.  Each card has an assigned action and they are laid out in a circle around an empty pint glass in the middle. When it’s your turn, pull out one card and follow the rules below. If you break the circle of cards, you have to forfeit! Different people have different rules for each card but here are ours: Ace – Waterfall. Everyone drinks one after the other, you can’t stop until the person before you does. 2 – For you. Choose someone to drink a 2 fingers of their drink. 3 – For me. Drink a 3 fingers of your drink. 4 – Thumb Master. Place your thumb on the table whenever you want, the last person to copy you has to drink. 5 – Guys. All guys take a drink. 6 – Chicks. All girls take a drink. 7 – Heaven. Point to heaven as soon as you see this card. The last person to do so has to drink. 8 – Drink with a mate. Choose a person in the circle to be your mate, whoever you choose has to drink whenever you do. 9 – Bust a rhyme. You say a word, the person to your left has to say a word that rhymes and it continues around the circle. Whoever stutters or can’t come up with a rhyming word has to drink. 10 – Categories. Similar to rhyme, you choose a category, for example “brands of vodka”, the first person to stumble drinks. Jack – Rule card. You can make a rule – any rule. No names, for example. Queen – Question Master. You can ask someone a question whenever you choose, for example ‘what time are we going out?’ if they answer they have to drink. King – King cup. Add some of whatever you’re drinking to the cup in the middle, aka the shit mix. Whoever pulls out the last king has to drink whatever is in the middle.


Image c/o queen-of-theme-party-games.com

2. Never Have I Ever

This is a great game to break the ice in freshers week and get to know your new friends. Take it in turns around a circle to ask a question to the table, for example: “never have I ever skinny dipped”. Everyone who has would then drink, and the game continues.

3. 21s

The first player chooses a direction of play. They begin by saying "One", the counting continues. If anyone says two consecutive numbers, the direction changes. If anyone squeezes in three numbers, the direction stays the same but a player is skipped. Anyone who makes a mistake, which includes talking over someone else, pausing too long or speaking out of turn must drink two fingers worth of their drink. If it reaches 21, it probably won’t, then the person who says it must down their drink.

4. Beer Pong

No flat party would be complete without beer pong. If you haven’t played it before you get to uni, you will need: a big table, ping pong balls, plastic cups, lots of booze and more than four players. Set out a small triangle of cups on either side of a table. Each player will take turns to throw Ping-Pong balls at their opponent’s cups. If you land a ball in one of your opponent’s cups, they have to down its contents. Article-size_DGames_1 Image c/o louiesloops.com

5. The Name Game

There are several different ways of playing the name game but my favourite is the celebrity name game. If someone says ‘Jennifer Aniston’ the next person in the circle has to say a celebrity whose name begins with the first letter of the previous celebrities surname, for example ‘Andy Murray’. If someone says a celebrity who has the first letter of their first name and the first letter of their last name the same, for example ‘Joe Jonas’ then the direction changes. You have to drink if you stumble and take too long to think of someone or if you say a name when its not your turn. To make it harder and throw in the ‘drink while you think’ rule!

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