Ariana and Pete’s whirlwind romance: A comprehensive timeline

Probably the biggest celebrity news of the last week was the report that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have ended their engagement. Rumours are flying that the engagement is over, but their relationship might not be, so if you’re anything like us then you’ve got a lot of questions. We’ve put together a timeline of their whirlwind romance, to help you try figure out what went wrong… You might want a snack and a cuppa for this one.

March 2016: The first meeting

Where it all started - this is the first definite evidence we have of Ariana and Pete meeting. Pete joined Ari on stage, asking her “Do you want to smoke some pot or something?” Who said romance was dead?! #goalz.

Early May 2018: Single and ready to mingle

Fast forward 2 years, and Ariana and Pete have both separated from their respective partners - Mac Miller and Cazzie David. Shortly after, Cazzie posted this Instagram, which is a very accurate representation of how most of us deal with break-ups.

21st May: Casual dating

Just a couple of weeks later, and Ariana and Pete are “casually dating”. Pete was described as looking “lovey dovey” at the Billboard Awards, and supposedly exchanging flirtaayyy comments on each others Instas.

31st May: Insta official

In a very eventful month, Grandson (yes, that’s their actual and official couple name) were Insta-official by the end of May. 0-100 real quick.

2 June: Start of the matching tattoos

Just a few days later, the pair began to reveal the first of their rather large collection of tattoos dedicated to each other. Tiny clouds on their fingers, the Dangerous Woman mask, Reborn on their thumbs, ‘H2GKMO’ (which is CLEARLY an abbreviation of ‘Honest to God, knock me out’ incase you didn’t know), ‘always’ on Ari’s ribcage (#HP4eva) and ‘Pete’ on her ring finger, 8418 in memory of Pete’s late father, and finally matching ‘Mille Tendresse’ tats. We’re kind of exhausted just from googling them.

11 June: The happy couple get engaged

Just under 2 weeks after going insta-official, Ari and Pete became engaged. Pete says that he proposed whilst they were lying in bed (low-key), with a $93k engagement ring (not so low-key).

June 19: Move in day

A week after their engagement, Ariana and her fiance moved into a $16 million, five-bedroom apartment in New York together. Although the apartment was reportedly incredibly fancy, Pete stated ‘we have six bean bags, but we have no forks’. Kinda like halls when everyone steals your cutlery.

5 July: The first sign of problems

After being asked about Pete’s joke regarding the Manchester Arena attacks at Ariana’s concert, she says that she doesn’t agree with the joke, calling it ‘tough and conflicting’.

17 August 2018: ‘Pete Davidson’ released

Ariana released a song named after her beau, in which she sings ‘Universe must have my back / Fell from the sky into my lap / And I know you know that you're my soulmate and all that’. So cuteeeee.

7 September: Mac Miller passes away

In a sad turn of events, Mac Miller was found dead at his house in early September. After a long relationship with him, Ariana was obviously deeply affected - posting this picture on her Instagram, poignantly without a caption.

September 16: The adoption of Piggy Smallz

Ariana and Pete became a family of three after adopting an unusual pet - a pig. Shortly after, Pete got a large tattoo of Piggy just above his hip. Because what’s one more tattoo to add to their collection.

September 29: More bad jokes

On the season premiere for the latest series of Saturday Night Live, Pete made several jokes, including one about Ariana’s birth control - "Last night I switched her birth control with Tic-Tacs...I believe in us and all, but I just want to make sure that she can't go anywhere." Really, REALLY shockingly, this did not go down well with the internet.

9 October: Dangerous Woman tattoo covered

Not long into October, and we had our first definite sign of trouble in paradise. Pete’s neck tattoo dedicated to Ariana was notably covered with a heart, although some have speculated that there is an ‘A’ added next to it.

14 October: Splitsville

Four months after they became engaged, the two broke off their engagement. A statement released said that “it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off”. Many reports suggested that their relationship was over romantically, but there would always be love between them.

20 October: Pete confirms split

At a benefit event about a week later, Pete appears to confirm their split, saying “There’s a lot going on”, asking if anyone in the audience was looking for a roommate, and saying he’s getting a lot of tattoos covered.

So there’s some of your questions answered, but now we have a whole lot more - Who’s keeping the 6 beanbags? And the engagement ring? Was their terrible couple name the start of the end? Do the tattoo coverings mean they’ll stay separated, or could the ‘love between them’ reignite romantically? AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO PIGGY SMALLZ?

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