9 awesome ways to enjoy watermelon

Watermelon was all over the high street last year, from phone cases to cute accessories. We loved it, it was cute, summery and bright but this year it's all about taking watermelon back to its roots - let's eat it again! Watermelon is set to be a huge food trend for 2017, amongst seaweed and savoury yoghurts (no thanks) so let's kick the year off with some tasty new treats fresh from our Nom Central Pinterest board.

Delicious drinks

Watermelon lends itself to drinks so easily due to its high water content (I know, shocker, Allie, watermelon is made from mostly water) but it still has a super sweet flavour that adds a little somethin'-somethin' to loads of different drinks. First up, this creamy coconut and watermelon milkshake would make a delicious dessert or refreshing snacky drink. All you need is frozen chunks of seedless watermelon, boxed coconut milk, a tiny bit of maple syrup and a splash of vanilla extract. Blitz it all up in a smoothie maker and strain if you want it to be really smooth.

Next up has to be this amazing watermelon rose margarita recipe, I mean it includes frozen peach ice cubes (insert heart eye emoji here). It literally sounds like a refreshing drop of heaven that I would like a bucket full of please.

The third drink in this line up is yet again another cocktail but I'm not even sorry. Try on this frozen watermelon daiquiri for size and then tell me you don't want a cocktail!

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Easy peasy snacks

Watermelon is just as good for eating as it is for drinkin'. It's one of my favourite snacks to just have as wedges but there are plenty more exciting things that we can create with the juicy fruit. Remember Fruit Winders? This goes out to anyone who grew up between 1993 and now. Those bad boys were unbelievable, remember how fruity they were? Whip up your own with this wicked two ingredient recipe. P.S it's totally not OK with us that they're calling them 'fruit leather', just so you know.

Another sweet treat that looks too cute to eat are these watermelon cookies, definitely not made out of watermelon but they look like it and that's good enough for me!

Let's finish off the snack section with a savoury bite. These watermelon and feta skewers are the perfect summery canape or picnic snack. Summer... picnics... remember those? They're coming back soon, we've just got to hold out hope!

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Fabulous salads

In my opinion, salads can be made 100% more interesting and a whole lot fancier with the addition of some fruit. Remember those watermelon and feta bites from earlier? Supersize it and make it into a salad with some extra leaves, tenderstem broccoli, and a balsamic vinegar dressing. How about this Morrocan watermelon and cucumber salad with pistachios or this superfood based kale and tomato salad with a side of watermelon? Tasty!

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