8 ways to celebrate your results!

Here at UNiDAYS we have faith that you'll all outdo yourself when it comes to results day, but even if you’re slightly disappointed with the outcome, remember that exam grades don't determine forever. So, to show off your amazing-ness, we have 8 ideas to celebrate your results right here!

1. Food, food, food

Who doesn’t love a meal out? This will give you the chance to have a good chat with your family or friends, plus, because it’s results day it’ll more than likely be your choice where you go, so take your pick! Why not take full advantage of 25% off food at Chiquito if you’re into your Tex-Mex! Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.20.17

2. Shopping spree

Everybody knows that celebrations call for some serious guilt-free shopping trips. It’s probably the only time of the year that you can go wild in the isles and feel pretty damn good about it - after all, you’re celebrating. Just don't forget to download the UNiDAYS App!

3. BBQ Party

Now, we know that the weather in the UK isn’t the most predictable, but there’s bound to be some days that are BBQ proof! Hosting a BBQ party is such a fun way to celebrate your results as you can bring everyone together after such a stressful period. Also, if you’re all going your separate ways to different universities it can double up and be a summer send off party! [embed]

4. The ultimate cinema trip

When we say a trip to the cinema we don’t just mean your run of the mill cinema trip, we’re talking all the added extras. Extra large popcorn, VIP seating and why not even try the IMAX experience? Make sure you feel like a celeb for the day! Whether you’re into horror, comedy or a little bit of rom com you can make the day super special.

5. Spa day

After months of revising, cramming and stressing a spa day is the ideal way to unwind and reward yourself. All the panic and headache over exams and results can take its toll on you and your skin, so treating yourself to a spa day is just what the doctor ordered. Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.27.52 Image c/o @katiejaneprice9

6. Theme park

For all you adrenaline junkies out there, we think one of the most exciting ways to celebrate results is by hitting a theme park. Just think of all that stress that has been building up inside of you and then releasing it all at hundreds of feet in the sky. Theme parks are the perfect way to lift the weight off of your shoulders and have some fun.

7. Beach day!

What comes into your head when you hear fish & chips, donuts and the sound of seagulls? Of course, the beach! Those nostalgic feelings take you back to a time of being completely stress free, so roll up your jeans and get those feet into the sea. The feeling of the sand in your hair will make you feel like an utter beach babe. You could do some sunbathing, some surfing or even just explore the seaside, but one thing that is an absolute must is a big Mr Whippy! [embed]

8. Big night out!

It’s time to get your glad-rags on and celebrate in style, you’re hitting the town! What better way to congratulate yourself than partying the night away sipping on cocktails? After months of your life revolving around exams and revision, it’s time to let loose and go all out. Oh, and make sure that you end the night with the biggest kebab known to man. Have fun! [embed]

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