8 gifts to buy your Aquarius bestie

Aquarians get a hard time around their birthdays, I'm not only saying this because I am one, I'm saying this because I have a few to buy for too! From January 19th to February 18th, birthdays fall at a really awkward time. It's just been Christmas and it's around Valentine's Day too. It's also right around the toughest month of the year when it comes to the old money bank so it's tricky to find something that fits the following criteria:

  1. Will they actually like it?
  2. Can I afford this right now?
  3. Is it Valentine's themed (i.e don't get this)
  4. Did they get something similar for Christmas?

The struggle is real!

These folks are humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place.

See, we're pretty great. But, apparently, Aquarians are also stubborn, creative, indecisive, imaginative, affectionate, organised and eccentric! Along these lines, I've found a few kinda awesome gifts that you could pick up for the Aquarian babe in your life, all under £10 (or around, give me a break).

An image

First up, The Hipster Colouring Book will suit the creative and imaginative traits of your Aquarian buddy. Then, nail their organisation cravings with a monthly or a weekly planner.

Appeal to their affectionate nature with the The gardeners' guide to cactus and maybe buy them a cute cactus too! They'll also love cute cards like this magical birthday and this cute dogs in hats card because they're all kinds of lovely!

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Get inline with their individual nature with some sassy accessories. I love this Copper iPhone case and this Mi-Pac irridescent mermaid makeup bag which also links in to the Aquarius theme of water.

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