8 back to uni feels

Summer 2016 is coming to an end (cries) which means a new uni year is upon us! Whether you're heading for your first time as Fresher or you're a seasoned third year, you'll have all these feels.

1. The new stationery feels!

Feeling like a new you with all your new buys. shopping sassy GIF Source

2. Being on top of making the best first impression

I'm gonna slay this first day! Especially if you're moving in with people that you've not met before. you got this new girl mirror schmidt encouragement GIF Source

3. Catching up with your crew like you've spent a lifetime apart

Gimme the gossip! Alex Bedder best friends carrie bradshaw sex and the city reunion GIF Source

4. Then realising that going back to school also means doing work

But I left my brain in Ayia Napa! annoyed frustrated paul rudd wet hot american summer stressed GIF Source

5. And then you start questioning all holiday work

Wait... was there summer reading?! dog what scared omg confused GIF Source

6. The moment you realise you have to set your alarm

6:30am.. that's basically the middle of the night! CraveTV crying breakdown donald glover childish gambino GIF Source

7. So you try to have an early night

Which doesn't happen because your head's still in summer mode. kim kardashian sleep kuwtk sleeping exhausted GIF Source

8. The face you make when you realise it's time to pay bills again

Maybe you're the designated sorter-outer for all things bills for your house? This sucks but it also means that you're the only one mature and responsible enough to sort their sh*t out. This means you should totally reap all the bonus rewards from sorting it out. So, if you hook your flat up with superfast Virgin Media broadband on a 9-month contract you get a £50 supermarket voucher for free! Blog-Perk-Template-Virgin-Media Hate asking for people to pay you back for bills? Give Glide a go - they help you out be delivering one bill for all of your utilities, reducing the hassle of paying bills which sounds pretty good to us. You also get a free £50 Tesco voucher after you've passed the 14 day grace period of your contract. Boom! Blog-Perk-Template-Glide-Utilities [Hero Image](https://unsplash.com/photos/umUfeLXPB_I)

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