7 inspiring women rocking our newsfeeds

From Instagram to Twitter and all over Facebook there's usually loads of rubbish! Pics of your friend's cat, someone moaning about getting a parking ticket and a wannabe Insta-star selling toothpaste. We've seen it all. But, from time to time there's a gem of inspiration, a post that makes you go "Yes!" or a snapshot that makes you want to head out and change the world yourself. Or, at least try. Thanks to these 7 women that are all over our social feeds we feel inspired all the time. Check out these mega babes and enjoy!

1. Alice Liveing

Previously known as Clean Eating Alice, this chick has got to be up there with one of the most inspiring health and fitness influencers out there at the moment. She posts incredible breakfasts, delicious lunches and tasty dinners and is always dishing out awesome workout advice and ideas. She's totally transformed herself and has gone from touring the UK dancing with a stage show to becoming a personal trainer at one of London's most prestigious gyms. She also seems super nice. What a babe.

2. Tania Boler

Tania is the CEO and founder of Elvie, a super smart women's wearable tech brand that specialises in Kegel and pelvic floor training. Essentially, this is a fitness tracker [personal trainer] for your pelvic floor. Probably not something that you're all thinking about at your age but Kegels aren't just for mums or older women - pelvic floor weakness affects 1 in 3 women in the UK. Did you know that Kegels also help build core strength, improve control during sex and can lead to stronger orgasms?!

Tania has developed the world's smallest and smartest Kegel trainer with fun, five-minute workouts for the pelvic floor that boasts results within 4 weeks. This baby has been endorsed by over 800 health professionals. Tania is a force to be reckoned with in the tech world and she's seriously inspirational."

We’re all about making products that drive real change in your body, and we want to do the same for culture at large. Women need to talk more openly about their bodies and lift the taboo on everything from bladder control to sex.

3. Giovanna Fletcher

Blogger, Sunday Times no.1 best selling author with her book Happy Mum, Happy Baby, actress, presenter and vlogger. Oh, and she's Tom from McFly's wife and they are the ultimate couple goals. Giovanna is just the ultimate real woman. She's so honest, so funny and is an all round power house. Basically, I want to be her when I grow up.

4. Steph Douglas - Don't Buy Her Flowers

Steph created the amazing business idea, Don't Buy Her Flowers as an antidote to gifting every woman flowers that has an occasion to celebrate. Sure, a gorgeous bouquet is, just that, gorgeous. But, Steph created her business to offer thoughtful, useful and interesting gifting for the market. We're talking treats, snacks, beauty, fancy tea bags, magazines and clothing - whatever the occasion. She even has cute care packages when someone you love just isn't feeling themselves which include chocolate and dry shampoo. A.K.A the dream.

5. Emily & Jess Lathan - Rock n Rose

This sister duo are the founders of Rock N Rose, one of our seriously cool partners where you can grab 10% discount FYI! Emily and Jess built their jewellery empire from scratch when they were teenagers and have had to move premises at least three times in order to fit all of their gorgeous stock. From vintage finds to trend pieces, Rock N Rose always have something that we have to get our hands on. These two are seriously family orientated with Jess juggling running Rock N Rose with raising two beautiful kids. Another two people that I want to be when I grow up.

6. Anna Newton

Anna is one of my favourite blogger and YouTubers with her content from The Anna Edit. Everything is always so useful, interesting and down to earth. She's also recently launched a podcast with her blogging bestie Lily Pebbles called At Home With where they visit other inspirational women and chat to them about their beauty favourite, work and career, home life and other awesome stuff. They've spoken to Jo Elvin, the editor of Glamour magazine, Zoella, creators of skincare brands such as Oskia and the founder of Cult Beauty.

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