7 Black Friday feels

Black Friday weekend is right around the corner and it can often be kind of an emotional roller coaster!

1. Feeling excited

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You wake up and realise that today's the day!

2. Feeling prepared

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Comfy shoes for a marathon day of shopping? Check. List of things you need that you absolutely will not stick to? Check. Let's do this!

3. Get your war face on

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You have to decide how much you really want that TV because you will have to fight for it. You might want to practice your best game face before you set off.

4. Feeling dejected

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But you can't win them all and someone will beat you to it. The heartbreak at losing out is almost too much...

5. Feeling happy

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You may have lost a few battles along the way but you won the war and you got yourself some amazing buys! And you saved even more money than you thought because you used your UNiDAYS discount!

6. Feeling Tired

tired Image source indicepr.com And now you want nothing more than to flop onto your bed and not move for atleast a few hours. You've literally shopped until you've dropped.

7. Feeling Remorseful

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And then the reality sets in of how much money you've spent (you were saving so much that the spending didn't seem as important). Forgive me father (bank account), for I have sinned.
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