6 ways to boss Black Friday

With the Christmas shopping weekend of the year looming everyone seems to be assembling their own shopping strategy. I'm giving you a roundup of the best tips and tricks to make the most out of those Black Friday deals. Whether you've bought and wrapped everything already or yet to give it any thought, there will be something for everyone this Black Friday.

1. Do your research

If you start your shopping with a list, you're much more likely to find everything you need, but shop around first to make sure you're getting the best deal. Just because it's 30% off doesn’t mean it wasn’t just 30% more expensive in the first place. If you're shopping online why not have a bookmark folder of all the items you're looking to buy.

2. Set a budget and make a list

With hundreds of offers and deals it can be easy to get carried away, but to avoid a miserable January and the grey cloud that is buyers regret, trying sticking to your budget. You'll thank us later. Obviously, with so many of our favourite retailers taking part this weekend, it would be rude not to treat yourself too.

3. Double check the return policies

On that same note, if you're getting in on some heavily discounted bargains, make sure you check the return policy, you should be able to return the item, but the time you have to do so might be slightly different. Better safe than sorry, always read the fine print.

4. Book a meeting with yourself

If you're hoping to get online deals, trying booking an hour away from work or study to dedicate to online bargain hunting, that way you can get all your shopping out of the way and you won’t miss out on those important deals.

5. If you're queuing, dress for the occasion

If you, like me, are planning on battling the high street this Black Friday make sure you're properly equipped, this is the day to leave those cute heeled ankle boots at home and opt for warm and comfy and judging by the weather forecast, waterproof.

6. Maximise on discounts

You might not be able to get any more in store discount, however using any lingering gift cards is a great way to further reduce the price, and using points cards or loyalty stamps against your purchases is another way to get more back on your purchases.

So there we have it! 6 ways to beat the crowds, and grab the best bargains this weekend. Happy shopping!

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