6 tips for housemate harmony

Living with anyone is difficult but being thrown into a flat with up to 9 other people that you've never met before can be really hard. There's different cultures, different upbringings and a whole load of different tastes and opinions going on there. Sometimes you'll just have to let things slide and occasionally problems will need to be tackled head on. Warning: this might sound like your mum talking, but it's all true!

1. Be nice

Don't snap, say please and thank you and try not to be rude. Even if the other person isn't your favourite, try and get along for the sake of your other housemates. A flatmate fued is the most awkward thing for everyone so try and avoid it at all costs.

2. Be inclusive

Even if there's one or two flatmates that seem to be distancing themselves, invite them to everything you do as a house and they may come out of their shell. They're probably just shy and find it difficult to fit in, you wouldn't want to be lonely, so make sure they aren't either.

3. Look after yourself

By this, I mean don't leave it up to anyone else to clear up your mess or to sort out your dinner (unless previously agreed!) You might think that it's fine to leave dishes on the side but when the same person is clearing them up they'll become secretly bitter and it'll all come out in a big drunken fight and you don't want that. Maybe a bit dramatic but just wash your dishes, yeah? Mess Gif Source

4. Share

Got a packet of biscuits? Offer them around, yeah they might all be gone within an episode of TOWIE but someone else will buy them next time and you can get involved with the Hobnobs. Keeping everything to yourself makes you seem a little selfish and sharing is caring after all. You'll be surprised how much you can bond over a packet of choccy digestives or a wheel of Brie.

5. Sort it out

And quickly! If there are any obvious issues, you need to address them in a calm way before things get out of control.

6. Respect Privacy

Sometimes people want to be alone and you'll have that day where you just ceebs to see any of your housemates. If someone seems like they don't want company, pop them a text to see how they are, compassion is always a winner.

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