6 Fresher feels

Moving to university can be a rollercoaster of emotions. For those who have already made the move these might be familiar to you, and to those who haven't, here's just a taste of what's to come...


"Oh my god, yes, I'm finally FREE! Goodbye parents and your life-ruining rules!" free animated GIF

2. Drunk

This will be a familiar feeling for the next 3 years, but enjoy it while you don't have to get up for those 9am lectures. drunk animated GIF

3. Loaded

Checking your bank account after your first loan drop and hearing the Cha-Ching in your head. – Hello, BALLER! fun animated GIF

4. Remorse

"Mum, I'm sorry I said I couldn't wait to leave home. I have ran out of clothes and have no idea how to cook. Living off pot noodles is okay, right?" sad animated GIF

5. Fabulous

There's a whole city of new people and NO ONE knows who I am. I can be anybody, therefore I will be fabulous! channing tatum animated GIF

6. Ceebs

Okay, so I tried to be anything less than fabulous but it's hard work and the extra hour of sleep is way more appealing that impressing anyone today (or any other day this term). disney animated GIF All gif's c\o: giphy.com

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