5 ways to maximize space

Space is a serious luxury at uni, especially if you're living in halls but even if you're in a flat or a house it's not going to be absolutely huge. You're going to need to maximise what space you do have by using these five tips.

1. Keep things tidy

As easy as this sounds, it's probably not! You need to have the correct storage solutions in place in order to keep everything neat and tidy. Make sure you have a shoe rack, plenty of hangers for your wardrobe, some shelves or plastic drawers to keep under or over your bed. Also, make sure that all loose items like makeup, pens, wires, notebooks and general junk have their own place. Invest in some pouches, jars and other useful storage necessities! ‌‌

2. Use your walls

Have a load of papers hanging around or keep trinkets and photo frames on your desk and bedside table? Stop! Use all the space that is your walls. Grab yourself a wall grid or a cork noticeboard and some cute pins or clips and soon your surfaces will be clutter free and you have a pretty wall to gain from it! ‌

3. Actually maxmise the space

If you have a gap under your bed, next to your wardrobe or even above your door you can fit so much storage into these spaces in the form of shelves and drawers. All you need to do is get creative. Try rolling your clothes in order to get the most out of your drawer space, this way you see everything you have but you also save space as folding clothes on top of each other gives them a bigger surface area. ‌

4. Don't forget the bathroom...

If you have a shower rail with a curtain it's a great idea to use shower curtain rings and attach the clips to your squeezy shampoo and shower gel bottles so you don't have to have them all hanging around on the floor of your shower. Tidy and more hygienic!

5. Double Hang Your Clothes

Clothes hangers are some of the bulkiest items you take to uni, especially if you have a small closet. You can buy special tabs to hang on your hangers already which you can add another hanger too or you can simply use ring pulls from soda cans! This way you get to hang double the amount of clothes but the same amount of hangers fit on the rail. Genius! ‌

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