5 societies to join this year

Many universities this February will host a refreshers fair. Another opportunity to restock my pencil case with freebies and eat more free pizza you ask? well yes, that too, but now that you’ve had 4 months plus experience at university why not get even more involved in student life by signing up to join a society.

Whether you’re a newbie or an oldie at university jump on that new year try something new bandwagon by joining one of these kind of societies:

Parlez-vous français?

No well why not join a language/culture society. They’re a great way to learn about other cultures from around the world and some even offer free language classes, so why not sign up Señiores and Señoritas and add another valuable skill to your cv.

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Sports, sports, sports!

Joining a sports society can be a great way to exercise and have fun - I know two things you never thought could go together. Playing sports is a great way to de-stress in-between what may feel like the never-ending deadlines and 9am lectures. And how else are you gonna lose all that free pizza weight anyway.

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Have your say

Whether your passionate about women’s rights, the environment or finding a cure for cancer, a university society can offer a great way to release the activist in you. Joining a campaigning society can offer great opportunities to get involved with something you actually care about and make a difference!

Be creative

Join a society that lets your imagination run wild and releases the kid in you. University and endless essays can often kill any child like spirt we have in us, so why not reawaken that by joining something like the historical re-enactment society, or the drama society. These are great ways to detached from the more dreary realities of student life and take on a whole new personality in a whole new world.

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Go crazy

If you’re the kind of person that takes the whole trying something new thing a bit too seriously, why not try something way way way out of your comfort zone by joining the sky diving society, what better is there way to get away from deadlines than jumping out of a plane? Am I right?

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