5 reasons why travelling with your BFF is the best

Solo travel has become hugely popular of late, that sense of freedom and independence is what it’s all about. However adventuring with your partner in crime is still the way to go for non-stop laughter, cringe-worthy moments you’ll tease each other over for years to come and memories you’ll be reminiscing about when you’re old and wrinkly. Here’s why travelling with your BFF is the best:

1. Make lifelong memories

Be prepared to make a million in-jokes from your travels together and have an endless list of hilarious stories that you’ll recount over and over again to each other. That time you lost your shoe and had to hop from one bar to the next? The ridiculous noise one of you makes when you’re sleeping that freaks everyone else in the dorm out? So many nights that you stayed up partying to watch the sunrise over the beautiful beaches. You’ll get to know each other better than you thought possible and make shared memories that you will treasure forever to boot.

2. Someone looking out for you

Got an early flight and trying to pack with a stinking hangover? Forgot to charge your phone and can’t access the directions to your hostel? Forgot to set your alarm for that early sunrise boat trip? Two heads are better than one and when you travel with your best bud, they always have your back. They know you better than anyone else in the world, so when you’re about to make an idiot of yourself or on the verge of making a stupid decision you can expect brutal honesty from them because you know that they only have your best interests at heart.

3. Take your friendship to the next level

Having someone with you 24/7 through the highs and lows that travel will undoubtedly bring is a very special thing and not everyone can do it. But if you find that person who knows not to question your directional instinct because you’re hungry and tired or will step in and barter hard for that awesome bracelet they subconsciously know that you really want, they’re a keeper. As you grow older and have different life experiences thrown at you, you’ll always have an unshakable, special bond from the time you spent growing and travelling together.

4. Someone to share the lows

Let’s face it, travelling the world isn’t all snorkelling in crystal clear waters, discovering amazing new cocktails in trendy bars and sleeping in hammocks on stunning beaches (although that is a large part of it!). There are always going to be those days when you eat that dodgy street food and need someone to run to reception for an extra toilet roll or are stuck sleeping in an airport overnight because of a delayed flight. These are times when having your BFF is the best - you’ll soon be crying tears of laughter whilst your head is hanging in the toilet bowl.

5. Sharing is caring

Only got a few days in a country and want to make the most of the local cuisine on offer? No problem, just share your meals. Double beds on overnight sleeper buses? No sweat, your best pal will be tucked in beside you. Trying to cram that really cool extra pair of shoes in your backpack. No drama, just share and split your toiletries with your travel mate and you might even have room for that extra outfit too. Travelling in a duo means a problem shared is a problem halved and they’ll probably even let you borrow their spare sunglasses after you leave yours on the bus.

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