5 more freshers you'll meet

You'll 100% meet all of these 10 people from our original 10 People You'll Meet This Freshers blog post but you know, time moves on and now it's 2016 and there's new people that you'll meet this Freshers.

1. The hungry one

Basically hungry because they can't even cook Pot Noodles, pasta or a simple microwave meal. They'll need some serious help to stay alive. But, if you cook for them they might buy the ingredients which is a win-win situation for you if you're a keen cook! giphy-1

2. The makeup girl

She contours, she bakes (the concealer and powder kind, not the Mary Bery kind) and she spends her entire student loan online at Urban Decay. This is the girl in your halls that's filled her shelves with her acrylic makeup storage and religiously washes her brushes on a Sunday night. Don't interrupt her selfie taking, you have been warned. ‌

3. The Pokemon Go dddict

Constantly walking around outside searching for gyms and filling up their Pokedex! Will probably talk 90% of the time about Pokemon. giphy-4

4. Your new best friend

Really annoying, super keen but has a heart of gold and just wants to be liked. Give them a try and they'll probably calm down a little bit once they get used to the whole Fresher deal!

5. The Midlander

This person will have the constant struggle of being asked where they live and whether it's in the North by Southerners. Northerners will know where it is but they still won't accept that you're from the Midlands not the South. The struggle is real. And, yes, it's a cob. It's not a bread roll or a bread cake. It's nicely in between with the classic cob. Article Freshers

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