5 killer ideas for flat bonding

So you've moved into your first home away from home, congratulations! Here's some advice on how to bond with your flatmates. Remember, you are all in the same boat and all will be feeling excited/anxious/scared/homesick so don't worry. First impressions are important, so here's a few killer ideas to kickstart the bonding!

1. Games nights

I am a massive fan of game nights. In fact, I don’t think there is anything I enjoy more. It is probably the most fun I have with my friends, especially when snacks and drinks are involved! Make sure your flat is filled with multi-player games. My favourite games console is the or PS2, they're cheap to buy and have lots of retro multiplayer games we all know and love, and we all love a bit of nostalgia, right? So grab your controllers and your favourite game, Crash Bandicoot is hugely popular in my house! ‌

2. Cook together!

If you're lucky enough to have a communal kitchen at university, use it to your advantage! Cooking meals with your flatmates gives you the opportunity to bond and get creative with your palette whilst enjoying everyone's favourite past time, eating! You could dedicate a night a week to hitting your local super market and create a delicious concoction, and possibly learn some new recipes along the way. I wonder who will be the Jamie Oliver of your flat!? My money is on you. ‌

3. Decorate your space

The best way to feel at home at university is by putting you own personal touch on all that is around you, it is where you will be for the next 9 months! Lots of students do this with bunting, fairy lights, and funky fabrics. Have a look below for inspiration! Once you have put a personal touch on all things mundane, you will automatically feel more comfortable. Extend this to the common rooms, a trip to IKEA is always the right answer when you're on a budget. If not for the bonding, for the meatballs! ‌‌

4. Netflix & chill

So Netflix has become a big part of my life recently, and the rise of life changing TV is upon us. I instantly bond with anyone that shares the passion I have for my favourite TV shows, it gives you so much to talk about! By watching a new series with your housemates, it gives you a couple of hours or so a week/day, (depending how committed you are) to divulge in scandals, drama and laughs together. It's almost even better after the episode is finished, you can predict story line and discuss who you hate! I love the sound of that already. I’d recommend Game of Thrones, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Homeland, Orange is The New Black... The list could go on, but you catch my drift. Don't forget the snacks! ‌

5. Beers colder than your ex’s heart i.e Pub!

Ahhh, the pub. Where cheap food and alcohol eliminates any possibility of awkward silences. A relaxed and comfortable social setting is a great way to get the conversation flowing, and the drinks don't do a bad job either! There is always a beautifully cheap pub local to student accommodation. In my case, this was Soar Point in Leicester. By going to the pub you can eliminate the possibility of making a huge fool out of yourself by drinking too much (trust me, it happens) and creating fresh memories whilst getting a free beer when you buy a burger, need I say more? WE LOVE PUB GRUB. ‌

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