5 easy treats to make this Easter

I won't lie to you, the first thing that I think of when I know it's Easter coming up is how many amazing chocolatey treats can be physically made and consumed in that 4-day window. Here's five of the easiest and cutest looking around!

Vegan Chocolate Muffins

I featured these in our 7 Amazing Avocado Dishes blog post because they are just so clever! Who'd have thought that avocado would make such awesome cakes? ‌

Maddy's Shredded Wheat Nests

This is such a cute recipe from BBC Good Food and is a whole fresh take on the classic cornflake cakes. The Shredded Wheat gives the cakes a proper nest-like feel and they're so easy to make. Simply melt your chocolate, add it to your Shredded Wheat and mix together before popping into cute cake cases like these ones from Hobbycraft and decorate with Mini Eggs! Article_EasterTreats_1

Beth's Chocoholic's Dream Slab

Now this bad boy doesn't really even have a recipe and it doesn't need cooking either. The good thing with Easter treats is usually they don't even require you to turn the oven on! This beast consists of crushed up chocolate digestives and Maltesers, chopped up Mars Bars, melted butter and condensed milk all mixed up with melted chocolate and Smarties popped on the top and refrigerated! Easy. ‌

Mini Easter Egg Cakes

The great thing with this Mini Easter Egg Cakes recipe is that you can use a shop-bought sponge cake if you really want to impress with the finish and don't want the hassle of baking the actual cake! Article_EasterTreats_3

Easy Bunny Cupcakes

How cute are these Bunny Cupcakes? Choose your favourite flavour of cupcake, add your favourite flavour of frosting and grab yourself some marshmallows and frosting and you're good to go. Article_EasterTreats_2 You could even buy pre-made cupcakes and paint the pink ears on with food colouring if sprinkles are too fiddly for your culinary skills!   Blog-Perk-Hobbycraft_10

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