4 ways to be a thrifty food shopper

Grocery shopping can, and often is, a pretty expensive occasion. ‘I’m just popping in for a few bits’ - before you know it you’ve got half of the shop in your trolley and you’re about to blow the budget. Now, seen as though you have just had your final loan of the year, you’re probably wanting to save and keep it going. I have rounded up some of my top tips for being thrifty on your food shop.

1. Value ranges

One tip which I can’t stress enough when it comes to saving money is not be put off by value or own brand ranges. Half of the time, the products taste exactly the same if not better, and they’re loads cheaper too. It’s a win-win really. With branded products you’re paying for the name and not the product, so why fork out?

2. Don't take offers at face value

When you go into a supermarket, don’t be fooled by the ‘amazing offers’ plonked at the end of every isle. It might seem like a bargain at the time, but always think to yourself ‘would I buy this if it wasn’t on offer?’ - If the answer is no, walk away. Also, if you look a little further than the offer you will probably find an alternative product which is cheaper. Just remember, every £1 adds up.

3. Don't go in hungry

Believe it or not, most supermarkets have air conditioning systems that pump out delicious smelling food vapours to make you feel peckish. Ever wondered why you can smell fresh bread cooking from the other side of the shop? If you go into a supermarket already hungry, you’re likely to end up buying unnecessary food that you don’t need. To avoid this, fill yourself up prior.

4. Plan ahead

Now, I know that planning isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do, but trust me, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you work out beforehand exactly what you do and don’t need and set yourself a budget, you’re probably not going to give in at the supermarket. To be thrifty, you have to be strict on yourself - if it’s not on the list, you’re not buying it. Check out our Healthy Sunday Hacks post for all kinds of meal planning tips and tricks. Hero Image

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