4 truly tasty Tortilla Chip Day recipes

It’s official, February 24th marks Tortilla Chip Day. Yep, a whole day dedicated to the crunchy little chaps! Best. Day. Ever. So to celebrate this wonderfulness, we’ve rounded up 4 of our favourite tortilla chip recipes. Be warned, if you’re not hungry now, you will be by the end of this. All the yum coming your way.

1. It's nacho fault!

Who doesn’t love a good plate of nachos? Uh huh. These cheesy yet crunchy delights are perfect for parties or even just for a late night treat, plus they’re super easy to make in just 6 simple steps. You can add anything you want to these nachos or take out anything you’re not so keen on - nacho away to your hearts content!


2. DIY tortilla chips

If you fancy getting your DIY on, we’ve got the recipe for you. You can whip up these homemade tortilla chips in just 10 minutes, probably quicker than going to the shop and definitely tastier. These are extra thin and crunchy, perfect for dipping into some guacamole or salsa. Your snack game just went to a whole new level.


3. Tortilla chip-crusted chicken bites

Yep, chicken AND tortilla chips together. Life = made. And, what’s even better is that to make these bite-sized beauts, all you need is chicken, tortilla chips, all-purpose flour and an egg. Yup, really. If Tortilla Chip Day isn’t the perfect excuse to eat your own body weight in these, what is?


4. Banana cream dream

Hands up if you’re all about the puddings? -Inserts girl raising hand emoji-, us too. So, when we stumbled across this banana cream pie dessert recipe we were sold. In short, these are basically cinnamon sugar tortilla chips with a banana pudding and melted chocolate drizzle. Dreamy or what? These do take a little longer to prep, but they’re so worth it. Thank you Tortilla Chip Day, thank you.


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