4 guys that are killing it right now

If you asked my girlfriend, she’d say every day was International Men’s Day. Seriously, she does more than I could ever imagine having to do and I’m looked after most days. Thankfully International Men’s Day (Sunday 19th November!) isn’t all about me and some of us are doing pretty epic things. With that in mind I’ve picked out a handful of guys that are absolutely killing it right now and bigging up those of us having a go at life and coming off pretty well too.


Stormzy is without a doubt the biggest man in grime right now. Over the last year sales have doubled in the genre and Stormzy went on to have a No1 album amongst a huge number of public appearances. Not intent with just increasing sales of grime, Stormzy also helped to increase the sales of physical albums which doubled in the last year.

David Beckham

Would any list that talks about awesome guys be complete without David Beckham on it? Honestly, we could just celebrate his new hair but ol’ golden balls has been up to more than just growing his luscious locks. DB has just launched his capsule collection with Adidas which celebrates the famed Predator football boot. Along with a striking near appearance the boots also feature the time of goals scored for both LA Galaxy and Real Madrid as well as the number 23 within the insole.

Harry Styles

This guy can do no wrong at the moment. It’d be fair to say that Harry Styles has come a long way since his One Direction days and I’d say that as a guy, you no longer have to be afraid to admit you’re a fan. Harry’s latest record Kiwi is an absolute hit with throwbacks to some seriously good rock and roll thrown in. As well as an improvement in music, Harry has also upped his style game massively. I mean, who else could pull off that yellow suit or that purple jumpsuit?

Miles Kane

You probably weren’t expecting this one, am I right? I’m a big fan of Last of the Shadow Puppets and also of Fred Perry so when I saw that Miles Kane was back with a sick new look and collabing on his own capsule collection I wanted to share that with you all! The range features a lot of capsule sports wear clothing with a classic rock and roll twist, think Roger Federer meets Arctic Monkeys and you’re not far off!

International Men’s Day is all about focusing on our physical and mental health, something we often ignore as guys. It’s also about improving our relationships with others and promoting gender equality and how we can play our part in making lives better.

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