14 types of shopper

If like me, you're a total shopaholic and regularly spend money (even money you don't necessarily have) on clothes and shoes and bags and makeup, then you'll definitely have come across these 14 different types of shopper at one point or another. Which one are you?

1. The bargain hunter

bargain-hunter(small) These people love hunting high and low for the best rice possible. Can usually be spotted armed with coupons and discount codes.

2. The impulse buyer

impulse-buyer The impulse buyer is the kind of person who runs round the shop going 'I HAVE to have this' - and then usually regrets it the second they've bought it.

3. The over thinker

over-thinker Like Yin and Yang, the over thinker is the exact opposite to the impulse buyer. They question every purchase and talk themselves out of buying things, only to then regret not buying it.

4. The power reseller

reseller(small) The type of shopper that Lord Sugar himself would be proud of because these people have serious entrepreneurial skills. These people have the ability to spot popular items, buy them in bulk and then sell them online for about 5 times as much as they paid for them.

5. The unwilling partner

unwilling This kind of shopper is normally found on the chairs outside the changing rooms. Lots of bored boyfriends and stressed out parents who have been forced to shop against their will and just want to go home!

6. The enabler

enabler(small) Like the devil on your shoulder, this friend is the opposite of unwilling. They will compliment everything you pick up and convince you to buy things that you probably don't need but they are definitely the most fun to shop with. Until you get home and check your bank balance...

7. The approval seeker

approval seeker These people are incapable of shopping on their own because they need a second opinion on whether or not they should buy it. Basically if their friends love it, they love it.

8. The one with no spending limit

no-limit(small) You're not really sure where these people get all their money from but you definitely want in on that action.

9. The marathoner

the marathoner A talent worth putting on your CV, this person can shop all day. They literally shop until they drop!

10. The one who's never satisfied

complain If you work in retail then you dread these kinds of people coming anywhere near you. You sometimes have to wonder if they're actually complaining about anything in particular or just because they're never happy with anything.

11. The online only

online shopper No slow-walkers or screaming children or orange foundation-stained white tops - you can see why these people prefer to shop from the comfort of their own bedroom. Although it does sometimes end in drunken midnight purchases.

12. The one who spends all their money

spend-all-money(small) These people may not have unlimited funds like number 8, but they will drain what funds they do have until there's nothing left but bulging shopping bags.

13. The justifier

justifier So you spent £100 on a coat but it was supposed to be £200 so you've basically made money. That is the logic of the justifier; if there's a possible reason for them to shop then they will find it.

14. The miracle worker

winner(small) These people have probably been blessed by the Gods. They went to the exact same sale as you did (which you thought was rubbish) and they managed to come away with a whole new wardrobe for a tiny price tag. Some people just walk in the light I guess. Images sourced from tumblr.com

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