14 reasons October is the best month

Every time I talk about how fast the year is going it makes me feeling like a 65 year old woman going on about life flying by, but it is so true! Already, we’re in October and before we know it it’ll be Christmas. And even though it’s crept up on us weirdly quickly, I’m so happy that October is here because it is definitely one of the best months (apart from June because it’s my birthday month). Get ready for feeling cosy, drinking autumnal drinks and snuggling down to the new seasons of your favourite TV shows! Not only for those reasons, but October is the best because...

1. It’s pizza month!

So if you need me, you will find me eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And perhaps an afternoon snack. It’s also World Pasta Day on the 25th so a trip to Pizza Hut might be in order. Article-size_october_10

2. Halloween is here

Sometimes I actually think I love Halloween more than Christmas! I love fancy dress and snacks that are made to look like cut-off fingers and searching far and wide for Halloween contact lenses in my prescription (if you have perfect vision and can buy any £5 pair from your local fancy dress shop then I envy you). Article-size_summer_5

3. It’s totally acceptable to eat Halloween candy all month

Yes I am buying 5 large multipacks of mixed sweets and lollies. But they’re not for me, they’re for trick or treaters. Totally for them, I probably won’t even eat one. And I definitely won’t be back in a couple of weeks to buy some more because they’ve mysteriously disappeared. Article-size_october_3

4. Kids and animals in fancy dress

Literally cuteness overload. Prepare for your heart to melt. Article-size_october_5

5. Makeup experimenting

It’s the only time of year where turning yourself into a human pop art piece or wooden doll is considered a valuable skill. These days, people focus more on outrageous makeup than they do on costume so get inventive! And check out pinterest for some pretty amazing ideas. Article-size_october_8

6. Pumpkin spiced everything

The pumpkin spiced latte is back and in a cute autumn limited edition cup too! Time for an office trip to Starbucks. Article-size_october_11

7. Prepare to be scared

Watching scary movies is definitely an October activity - if you need me, you’ll find me behind a cushion. Article-size_october_12

8. Halloween episodes

This is starting to seem like a reason-I-love-halloween blogpost as oppose to October but Halloween does dominate most of the month! Why is it that the PLL halloween episodes are always the best? Article-size_october_6

9. The return of your favourite shows

As if I needed any encouragement to stay in binge-watching TV shows, now all my favourites are back with a brand new season. I can’t wait for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to come back - I’m also currently obsessed with Once Upon A Time so I’m seriously happy that it’s on Netflix! Article-size_october_13

10. It’s jumper weather

Get ready for layering and feeling cosy all day every day! Article-size_summer_8

11. Man candy month

October is the month that these amazing guys came in to the world. Thank you God. Article-size_october_1

12. Pretty colours

October is filled with red and orange and yellow leaves - and stepping on a crunchy one is so satisfying! Article-size_october_4

13. Apples galore

Whether it’s apple picking, apple bobbing or covering apples in candy or chocolate, they are the fruit of the month. And you know what they say; an apple a day keeps the doctor away - so maybe they’ll banish that freshers flu. Article-size_october_14

14. Think pink

As well as pizza month, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month so it’s the perfect time to do something for a great cause! Article-size_october_2 Images sourced from pinterest.com

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