12 fictional ladies who inspire us to kick ass

Ok ladies now let's get in formation

If you're a big binge-watcher like me, you know that sometimes fictional characters can start to feel like real people who are actually involved in our lives. Here are some fictional ladies who we WISH we could call real friends, because they inspire us every time we fire up Netflix.

Leslie Knope

I think this one goes without saying! Leslie taught us to work hard, believe in our dreams, be inspired by our own damn selves, and love our friends fiercely. Leslie also showed us that it's a good thing to accept help from other people, because "no one achieves anything alone."

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Midge Maisel

My dreeeeam BFF. Midge is a (now) single mother of two who is balancing her life with her dreams. She shows us that we don't need to fall into the stereotype of what everyone around you expects of us. In fact, she proves that we're actually better off straying from the status quo! She's the total 'mom friend' of any group, she's smart and witty, and she handles even the hardest experiences with grace (and with a joke).

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Annalise Keating

If I were smart enough to become a lawyer, she would be the one who inspired me to become one. Annalise taught us how to be open to learning new things while also sharing the knowledge we already possess. She also showed us how to grab life by the horns and just GO for it, even if we’re afraid. A very important lesson from a very important character!

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Lorelai Gilmore

A single mom KILLLING it, all while holding herself together for her daughter? We love! Lorelai taught us that there’s always a silver lining waiting around the corner when life gets hard, and it’s worth waiting for it. But, in the meantime, we can depend on the people around us to help us weather the storm. She also demonstrates time and time again how important it is to be authentic and real, even if others think that makes you imperfect.

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Elle Woods

ELLE WOODS FOR PRESIDENT. Elle taught us to never take no for an answer, because everything is possible if we work hard. She's the queen of not letting others' negative opinions of her bring her down, and she's one of the most determined people we've ever seen. Elle reminds us to shape our own destinies and never listen to the haters.

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Olivia Pope

Olivia taught us the importance of knowing our worth and making ourselves a priority. She’s such a hard worker and a total boss, but she also knows when she needs to take care of herself. She also taught us that it’s ok to drop people who don’t value you. And, honestly, we all need to do that at some point.

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Eleven came from a pretty traumatic past, but she doesn't let herself wallow in it. She taught us that, even though we sometimes want to shut ourselves away to protect ourselves and be "independent," we can show our fear, grief, and insecurity. She showed us that accepting help can be the bravest thing to do, because we can do incredible things when we have the support that we need. Eleven also taught us how to be scared, but take bold risks anyway.

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Dr. Christina Yang

Christina provides a master class in knowing what your goal is, sticking to it, and not letting it get in your way, no matter what hardships life throws at you. She taught us to do what we want to do even when it’s hard (leaving your best friend to pursue your dream job in another country isn’t easy), because as long as you’re true to yourself, things will work out. She also taught us to let people in enough to care about us, but not enough to control us and change us...because we’re pretty awesome the way we are.

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Daenerys Targaryen

Watching Daenerys grow and evolve has taught us that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. As she gained confidence, she also gained power, and I think that’s a pretty important metaphor. Daenerys also taught us to remain graceful and humble, no matter how important and powerful we may get.

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Sophie Burset

Sophie is a badass. She taught us to always be our unique selves, no matter how horribly people treat us or what happens to us. Through her journey she has taught us that it’s important to stand up for what you believe, and never doubt yourself just because others are doubting you. Sophie also taught us the importance of forgiveness, and how taking the high road and forgiving those who have hurt us can pay off. An icon.

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Maeve Wiley

Maeve Wiley is one of the strongest female characters we've seen in a while. She marches to the beat of our own drum and doesn't let herself be bothered by the opinions of others, even if they're particularly nasty. She takes care of herself and, in spite of the difficult set of cards life has dealt her, she continues to succeed academically while overcoming obstacles like a champ. Plus, let's not forget that she's a sex-positive icon!

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Jane Villanueve

Jane is an extremely strong and disciplined person. She sticks to her beliefs and morals even when it’s extreeeeemely difficult, and she shows us how to remain true to ourselves even when life gets in the way of our plans. Jane also taught us how to open our hearts, because the risk of getting hurt is worth it for the reward of finding love. SORRY I’M SO SAPPY.

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