10 truths about always being hungry

Because; food!

1. Your first action when you get home is to check the fridge

Food is way more important than acknowledging anyone in my home. eating hungry fridge GIF Source

2. Whenever you make plans you have to check that there will be food involved

Yosub food real housewives hungry breakfast GIF Source

3. You're an absolute pro at All You Can Eat Buffets

food pizza rhett and link gmm eating challenges GIF Source

4. When you're sad your first thought is food.

baby sad crying eating mondays GIF Source

5. When you're happy your first thought is food.

cheeseburger happy food eating burger GIF Source

6. There is no such thing as sharing, no matter who you're with.

90s food friends joey tribbiani i love pizza GIF Source

7. You follow all of the food accounts on Instagram

Because pictures of melted cheese, chocolate, cake and big juicy burgers are like porn to me... ‌

8. You're always thinking about where your next meal is coming from.

pizza kim kardashian keeping up with the kardashians kuwtk chinese food GIF Source

9. There is no movie without food

the walking dead michael jackson thriller tyler james williams noah GIF Source

10. Your relationship with food will always be stronger than your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend

movie party pizza teen relationships GIF Source  

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