10 of the shadiest reactions to Tristan cheating on Khloe

Cheaters never prosper

Or at least that's what my mum always told me. Then again, much like everyone else, I'd copy someone else's homework before turning it in (and would sometimes even get a better grade). That being said... that kind of cheating and what's going on with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are two VERY different things. Photos and videos recently surfaced of Thompson getting close to an unidentified woman over the weekend. TMZ then released footage of Thompson kissing one woman while another was all up on him circa October 2017. Needless to say... it's been a rough week for new mum Khloe and the internet has taken notice. Below are some of the best reactions to all the drama:

1. The running man

2. Can't have Khloe drama without OJ

3. Kanye? Is that you?

4. Now that's just LebWRONG

5. He does what he wants I guess

6. Pretends to be shocked

7. Is it too late NOW to say sorry?

8. Jasmine Masters has something to SAY


10. Be sad, but make it sexy

According to People, it's highly likely that Khloe won't leave Tristan. No matter what she decides, it's her decision and we hope that whatever it is she's happy. After all, that's what really matters.

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